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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Wins of The Day May 19 2020

  1. Boom. Further tapes emerge of Biden extorting Ukraine, using $1 billion of US taxpayer money
  3. More declassifications. Email by Susan Rice on last day of Obama Admin exposes how Comey suggested hiding Russia info from Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor
  5. Flynn attorney files appeal to remove rogue Judge Sullivan from the case
  7. Trump to sign executive order making deregulation permanent in order to spur rapid job growth
  9. Kayleigh McEnany mocks media for their “apoplectic analyses” after Trump had announced he is taking preventive hydroxychloroquine
  11. California, broke and begging for federal bailout, starts paying illegal aliens $500 each while simultaneously cutting K-12 funds
  13. NYT says “believe all women” is a “right-wing trap”
  15. Senate Intel Committee votes, approves Ratcliffe nomination for full Senate vote tomorrow
  17. Betting odds have Trump beating Biden by an average of 8.8%, the range is from 7% to 15% (they throw out the high and low)

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