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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

ZH: China's Newest COVID-19 Outbreak Shows Virus May Be Mutating

stock here.

 Apparently this Anime character has been for awhile, and before COVID, called Corona-Chan


For sure, 1 strand RNA critters can mutate pretty easy.    And we are at historic record high Galactic
Cosmic Rays, these are super high energy Gamma radiation that can cause mutations.

But I also haven't "caution as bullshit" because a mutation to something that is equally virulent and deadly is not likely.

What is more likely is that the British buyout of Zero Hedge like 5 years ago, is now using ZH as a limited hangout to push the Cabal narrative, COVID still dangerous and scary.......

What shall be their penalty, for those that want Corona-Chan to create as much stress, economic loss, suicides, and morbidity caused by staying away from the medical establishment.

What would a fitting penalty be?

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