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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

ZH Pimping the Narrative "Florida Had It's Worst Day for Death As They Begin to Open Up" -- Stats Show A Much Different Story

stock here.  Let's cut to the punch.   Zerohedge is a Cabal  mouthpiece now, that occasionally runs a libertarian piece keep their followers coming back and being exposed to bullshit Cabal misinformation.

The chart on the right is what the Cabal would like you to think happened on the day that Florida opened.  Down below the truth. 

Florida did not suffer it's worst day in deaths.    Data was horribly manipulated, much less totally fudged.

ZH was also pimping a story that started with "American's are very distrustful about COVID statistics"....and then they follow up with "They are worried that the deaths may actually be much worse"

ZH published a piece saying the Florida had by far their worst day in deaths as they started to open up.

If you look at just the data that JHU,, presents, on the face of it, you might agree.   Curious that chart heavy ZH doesn't even to attempt to insert a chart into their "article". 

When you analyze the data, chart it, and model it, a totally different picture comes out.  

Discovering Zerohedge in the early 2000's was a breath of fresh air.   And they did a good job until a handful of years ago....but cannot read their stuff without a full filter heads up approach like all mass media today.   Even the alternative sites have mostly been bought out.

Total Bullshit article, yes they are calling the "spike" thing correctly, malformed spikes and sometimes using made up data or data "borrowed" from the future.

The new meme, Deaths from COVID are actually much higher than being reported.

So the real Florida truths?  

1) They are miscoding deaths to COVID because they get more money and promote the cabal narrative.
2) They are "saving deaths" from yesterday and today, to add into a big spike in the next day to have something scary to talk about.
3) Florida is at peak, or at the tail tail end of peak.   The super corrupt and crowded counties, Broward and Dade account for almost all the problem.
4) By using the method of Moving Averages, one can take the noise out of the system and show more truth.

In the order below, is the
1) MSM Spikefest
2) 2 day Moving Average showing the Presented Data well within my original curve based on the SpikeFest
3) 4 day Moving Average even smoother and farther below the model created from SpikeFest
4) 6 day Moving Average, which was so absurdly below the SpikeFest model, needed a brand new model, and it is presented as number 4.   Why the apparent "breakout" on this model....I think because they are just creating deaths out of thin air, categorizing a heart attack as a Corona Death!


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