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Monday, June 1, 2020

40 Things That We Stopped Talking About After The Floyd "Event"

  1. Biden and Ukraine $
  2. Biden and China $
  3. Biden and Tara Reade
  4. Biden and dementia
  5. Biden and Flynn and Biden's sabotage of Trump presidency
  6. Obama and Flynn and Obama's sabotage of Trump presidency
  7. Judge Sullivan corruption and activism
  8. Obama and shadow government and sedition/treason
  9. Voting fraud efforts
  10. Illegal immigration
  11. How COVID-19 isn't anything like what was predicted
  12. How the shutdown makes no sense any longer
  13. Trump's effectiveness with growing an economy and making jobs
  14. FISA abuse
  15. Mueller investigation misdeeds
  16. Schiff's and Pelosi's direction of unjustifiable impeachment effort
  17. Congressional insider trading leading up to pandemic declaration
  18. Hydroxychloroquine effectiveness
  19. Zinc's effectiveness and Vitamin C effectiveness
  20. Dangers of vaccines
  21. Hillary and emails
  22. Hillary and Clinton Foundation criminality
  23. Hillary and Steele Dossier
  24. Hillary and DNC emails
  25. DNC and Seth Rich
  26. Comey's role as ringleader and lies before Congress
  27. Brennan's role as ringleader and lies before Congress
  28. Clapper's role and lies before Congress
  29. Tarmac meeting
  30. Fast and Furious
  31. FiveEyes intel abuse
  32. Uranium One
  33. Cash payoffs to Iran
  34. Epstein's honey pot and murder
  35. Child sex and ritual murder web, and extortion from it
  36. MSM collaboration/propaganda
  37. Controlled judges, prosecutors, local governments
  38. Smollett
  39. RBG health
  40. There is strangely no war in North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria or China

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