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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

5-29-20 I Called For Volcanic Unrest, And Eruption of Moana Loa Within 8 to 11 Days

stock here.   It's been 2 years since the 2018 Hawaiian Volcanic Event.   On May 29th, I called for
Volcanic unrest and Eruption of Moana Loa within 8 to 11 days.    

Our Local Yellow Dwarf is just now waking up to cycle 25, which NOAA went on record last month as saying cycle 25 is still 2 years away.  

That is not supported by fact since last month we saw both left negative right positive magnetics, and left positive right negative magnetics at the same time on the Sun, like the changing of the guard.

A rare treat to see cycle 24 and cycle 25 at the same time.

Now in June, a huge jump up on the 10.7 CM radio emissions, a sign/measure/proxy of Magnetic Disturbance.

A bit of a gutsy call, since the last eruption was in 1984.

When sunspots are low, more Galactic Cosmic Rays get into our atmosphere, with a cascade of effects.   More lightning and  hail, more clouds, and adding energy to certain magmatic chambers.   Moana Loa is one of those.  

So a period of magnetic calm serves to "prime the pump" adding energy, and then magnetic unrest, using the KP index can be the trigger to large events.

Noted that Yellowstone is very active this week,  and in Java a volcanic movement created a 10' tall tsunami in the Crater Lake.

The Watchers, watch closely!

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