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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Arrests And Executions of the Deep State Cabal

Surely folks, this should be seen as satire. I don't think we could actually punish the Deep State like this, or else they might release a deadly bioengineered virus, create economic disaster, and start a horrific race war, fanned on by ALL THE MEDIA, with no one ever questioning the narrative, and even now the clown show of TV newscasters in masks in their basements, long after COVID has run it's course.........


Reported in Greek News June 4, 2020
SHOCK! The list of arrests and executions of famous deep state
1. Andrew McCabe: Arrested at Guantanamo
2. Barack Obama: Executed
3. Michella Obama (Big Mike): Executed
4. Bill Gates: Arrested and held on house arrest
5. Melinda Gates: Arrested and held on house arrest
6. Mike Pence: Arrested at Guantanamo and might be executed, but no updates
7. Mitt Romney: Arrested at Guantanamo
8. Anthony Fauci: Was arrested but helps Trump
9. Huma Abedin: executed
10. John Brennnan: Arrested at Guantanamo
11. George H. W. Bush: executed
12. George W. Bush: executed
13: Laura Bush: executed
14: Jeb Bush: executed
15: Dick Cheney: executed
16: James Baker: executed
17: James Clapper: Arrested at Guantanamo
18: Hillary Clinton: executed
19: Bill Clinton: executed
20: James Comey: Arrested at Guantanamo
21: Paul Ryan: Arrested at Guantanamo
22. Diane Feinstein: Extradited to China
23: Eric Holder: Arrested at Guantanamo
24: John Kerry: Arrested at Guantanamo
25: Loretta Lynch: Arrested at Guantanamo
26: Lisa Page: Arrested at Guantanamo
27: Tony Podesta: executed
28: John Podesta: Arrested at Guantanamo
29: Samantha Powers: Arrested at Guantanamo
30: Adam Cchiff: Arrested at Guantanamo
34: Eric Scmidt: Arrested at Guantanamo
35: Debbie Wasserman-Shultz: Arrested at Guantanamo
36: George Soros: executed
37: Maxine Waters: Arrested at Guantanamo
38: Sally Yates: Arrested at Guantanamo
39: Nancy Pelosi: Arrested at Guantanamo
40: Chuck Schumer: Arrested at Guantanamo
41: Ruth Bader: executed
42: Peter Strzok: Arrested at Guantanamo
43: Elija Cummings: executed
44: Jacinda Adern: Arrested and held on house arrest
45: Tom Hanks: executed
46: Rita Wilson: executed
47: Madonna: executed
48: Lady Gaga: executed
49: Oprah Winfrey: Arrested and held on house arrest
50: Ellen Degeneres: Arrested and held on house arrest
51: Steven Speilberg: Arrested and held on house arrest
52: Harvey Weinstein: Arrested in and jail
53: Jeffrey Epstein: Arrested and serving a life sentence
54: Pope Francis: executed
55: Queen Elizabeth: executed
56: Phillip Windsor: executed
57: Charles Windsor: executed
58: Justin Trudeau: Arrested and held on house arrest
59: Scott Morrison: Arrested and held on house arrest
60: Harry Windsor: Arrested and held on house arrest
61: Meghan Markle: Arrested and held on house arrest
62: Angela Merkel: Arrested and held on house arrest
63: Meryl Streep:Arrested and held on house arrest
64: Robert De Niro: executed
65: Richard Gere: Arrested and held on house arrest
66: Joe Biden: executed
67: Hunter Biden: executed
68: John McCain: executed
69: Roy Horn of Sigfreid & Roy: executed
70: Troy Sneed (Singer): executed
71: Fred the Godson (Rapper): executed
72: Joel Rogosin (Writer): executed
73: Matthew Seligman (Musician): executed
74: Charles Gregory: executed
75: Hilary Heath: executed
76: Hal Wilner (Producer): executed
77: John Prine (Singer): executed
78: Lee Fierro: executed
79: Adam Schlesinger: executed
80: Joe Diffie: executed
81: Quentin Tarantino: Arrested at Guantanamo



  1. Is this just a wish list? I don't see it as true. Wish list, most deffinately.

  2. Seeing is believing we're hearing stuff like this all the time, i dont believe this shit anymore untill i see it happening . Why don't they tell unambigeously that 9/11 was an inside job than the people might finally see through all the tricks they've dumped on us. Problem is do u see what i see ..proof it!!

    1. It seems like the DOJ should be able to function pretty normally even with the False Flags of SARS-2(COVID), and the Floyd Event. I expected some of these to be prosecuted. If they steal the election, these criminals will get off scot free

    2. What if this is to distract us from a bigger agenda. I don't trust this government at all.

  3. If this is true President Trump has no worries about the Nov elwctions . I'm still trying to find my jaw after I saw that list . No wonder Melania is redoing her prenuptials this is the time to do it imo .

    1. Unfortunately it is just satire at this time....

    2. Trump may not be concerned with elwctions, or possibly even future erections.

      But, I'm still a little concerned about this coming election.

    3. I wish I could believe this.

  4. With Soros gone (and everyone else on this list), who will Satan use to keep terrorizing the world?
    Cuz, Satan doesn't lose until after our Lord Christ Yeshua comes back.

    1. Noted Jesuit Pope Francis is on the List!

    2. Who do you want to add to this list?

  5. Replies
    1. He is a deep state asset. Somehow they forced Trump to run with him.

    2. Pence raped and murdered children for YEARS and his wife was in on it

    3. @Stock...No one forced Trump to run with Pence. Trump needed to keep Pence close for a specific reason. Word has ot that Pence and Paul Ryan tried to plan a Trump assassination. Not sure how true that is. But there is a reason Pence wasn't there at the 4th of July event in South Dakota...

    4. Pence raped and murdered children for YEARS and his wife was in on it

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Not a bit of juice, juice up or comments shall be deleted.

  6. It's all fantasy

  7. I am a believer in proof, you say there were executions
    1. i need proof who was executed2. how they were executed
    and a believable picture that who you say is in the picture.
    Then and only then I might believe you.
    But none of the Q broad caster confirm any of this publicly

  8. Replies
    1. Executed with COVID, not sure why he is on the list, singer, story teller, protester type. Maybe he liked little kiddies?

    2. Some of the ones that got Covid or died with it as far as the Celebrities go was exposing them as pedophiles...Anyone that is convicted of Treason like McCain and having a wrinkled flag on casket and George W Bush And the letters the wives got at funeral was priceless...The letter said sorry they know it all...GWB Sr. Jeb's and BUSH'S wife facial expressions was priceless....George Bush gave them all up then executed....

    3. Biden's wife had the most extreme reaction!

  9. W#ho can tell us when and if we are going to see pictures and proof of these?

  10. They cannot tell the public until they finish investigating and arresting. Don't want to alert the remaining collaborators... the public hearing this half way through would ruin everything. They will release the proof and information in June 2021


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