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Friday, June 26, 2020

Cash For COVID -- Facts For the Red Pilled

stock here, again not my work, but it's  huge issue.

The financial incentives to over inflate COVID SARS-2

Fauci again today playing the "You are going to kill Granda", especially if Grandma has cancer.

You have a societal obligation.......When the President opened up a few months ago, we have to step back and rethink that.

We are all in it together.

Yep, the Jesuit Fauci still at work for the Cabal.


The key fact here, established and unchallenged, is that the CARES act does direct a 20% bonus Medicaid payment to hospitals for every diagnosis of Covid19, and a greater payment again for the use of a ventilator.

The CARES act channeled $175bn dollars into the “fight” against coronavirus, including $15 billion purely for treating COVID patients without insurance.

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