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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

CDC Data Declares COVID is Dead! But Misdirection and Scary Narratives Continue, Fauci Under Investigation

This “type” of research was banned in the USA as it was deemed too dangerous with no justifiable point to it.   

The good news first…..from the CDC site today, it sure looks like COVID is pretty much completely gone.    I’ll take a victory lap on that one,  with my March prediction that because of the 82F death temp (Avian flu dies at 45F like most Flu types) I thought that COVID might last into late June or early July.

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Doctor Fauci is already under extreme investigation in some circles, he handed from what we know as it may be more, $3.7M to the Wuhan lab to conduct this type of “gain of function research”.     He also misdirected us and provided conflicting information which acted to create maximum confusion, just as the WHO continues to do even last week.

Much of the truth can be discovered with simple thought experiments.   Of course masks reduce the spread of the virus for both the wearer and the nearby people.    A simple look at Asian cultures where anyone with a cold will “isolate” with a mask is strong proof.    But in an even more basic manner it is simply about reducing the spread of “spray” from sneezing, coughing, talking.

Thus the recent WHO statement that asymptomatic people have little chance of passing on the virus is totally true.    They are not coughing or sneezing, duh!

And then the WHO immediately walked that one back.    One…..because it would mean that the lockdowns were overblown.     2, it would mean that the next time they want to roll out lockdowns, and thus steal the elections through mail in ballots (which are so much safer than voting in person with an ID)….that people would not be as willing to accept a lockdown and the ramifications.   

So the WHO had to “retract” the honest statement that a WHO rep had said.

Also curious that Fauci’s wife, is the one in charge of approving Bill Gates vaccines, especially as related to COVID SARS-2


  1. I sincerely hope Doctor Fauci is indicted & convicted & REMOVED!

  2. Yep, depower this deep state asset first.

  3. It appears that Big Pharma is VERY worried about the HCQ Cocktail. Deep State is organizing shut downs of HCQ clinical trials! They're saying that the RISK OF USING HCQ is worse than the virus itself!! 2 months ago I searched for the NYC doc who had recently treated 350 of his own patients with the Covid-19 virus, with HCQ. 100% success rate. No hospital admissions, no deaths, no horrible side effects, no ventilators (that can be inherently dangerous and can kill in the ICU)!! How can ONE honest doc be wrong on 350 consecutive patients? The odds that this occurred at random, is like 1 in a Billion! This ain't NO Vegas lucky streak here!!! Don't believe the news that HCQ is too dangerous. President Trump took a FULL COURSE of HCQ, didn't hurt him, didn't kill him, he had NO cardiac issues!!! The other fact that is NOT covered by the MSM much if at all is the fact that EVERYDAY 42,000 doses of HCQ are written and filled! No negatives that should be readily apparent IF HCQ is SO dangerous! It is routine for our Military troops to take HCQ before being deployed. Everyday Lupus and RA patients take HCQ, and when was the last time the MSM told you about all these facts? In the face of all these FACTS you know it's the Deep State that wants to scare away from a medicine that makes the need for a VERY DANGEROUS VACCINE unimportant and unnecessary!!! Vaccines are NOT tested clinically before injecting! They don't (yet) need to check for safety issues because Big Pharma has "Blanket Immunity" from lawsuits related to the damage that their vaccine product causes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have NO financial disinterest. It's an 'up' market only. No losses! The law needs to be changed to permit claims against Big Pharma for deaths and maiming!!! Don't be afraid of HCQ!!! Be terrified of ANY vaccine when there is a good therapeutic available. My son is 30 and he had 11 mandated vaccines. He didn't speak until he was 3 1/2! The stuff that was in those vaccinations includes cancer virus, aborted fetal tissue, formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury, all of which should NEVER BE GIVE in the first place. The Vaccine Market is too lucrative for its own good! HCQ has been used REGULARLY for more than 4 decades!

    1. Yep, 2006 and other studies confirmed HCQ very effective against SARS corona virus


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