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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

CONs Mind and Dialectics

Guest Post, ACD
My old saying was, lead, follow, or just get the hell out of the way.

With respect to one and all, in CON-Fusing Times, even veteran, honest, well meaning CONs' Piracy observers, analysts, and theorists can seem "at loggerheads"  I feel sure that we buffs of CONs' Piracies -- which appear more numerous than flies on fresh cow dung -- can agree that we have hierarchies of CONs and different levels of CON work.  Undoubtedly, each well defined, discrete set of CONs have several stages of development (planning, testing, implementation, evaluation) and varied timelines (short, medium, long, and millennial).

Innate complexities of, and interrelationships among DOMAINs of CONs readily engender meta-CONs -- both real and self-imagined.  For those running the CONs, meta-CONs can serve to hide activated (actualized) CONs in plain sight for those with eyes wide shut, so to write.  From our perspective, the CONs' Veils lift, or part, already threadbare in places due to overuse, or get torn asunder by perspicacious CONs' Piracy observers, analysts, and theorists.

Hence, we experience an onslaught of ancillary tactics deployed to obfuscate with misdirection, disinformation, and other means of CON-Trolling "narratives, including such forces as Hasbara and other, "for-pay" trolls.  Moreover, we have our own, inherent hand-me-down handicaps – not genetic, mental.  For example, most all of us have not learned to master mind, hence the ease with which Master Minds manipulate hue-mankind (all people, all colors).  Our institutions have degenerated, infiltrated, eaten out from within, and booby-trapped for fools that rush in.  We know so little about Mind, about how to apply Mind effectively and powerfully, thanks to failures of the "nuclear family", religion, and education – which leads us back to our initial CONsiderations.

"There are no accidents in the Universe" (my own epitaph).  In my judgment, in general, the failure of the family as a crucial element of civilized society whether or not thought "advanced"; the denigration of religious and educational systems; and the impotency of governmental functions to ensure the safety and well being of those governed, ARE NOT ACCIDENTAL.  Rather, we see the witting destruction and dissolution of physical and cultural constructs that defined our Western civilization.  It took the CONs a millennium (or three!), but, by GOD, they appear on the brink of total victory.

For those not ready to lay down the sword in surrender; for those unwilling to concede while still standing, brandishing Truth; for any any and all able to rub sleep from eyes, open them wide to see, and to volunteer on behalf of self, family, community, and humanity at large, then, very likely, each of us has some prepping to do, both physical and spiritual.

In particular, to rescue the completely lost, to return the irretrievable, to lead the deaf, dumb, and blind, each of us corporeal souls has to hone mastery of tools at our disposal, especially The Mind.  We then have to discern diabolical DIALECTICS in play in Mass Mind – AT PLAY in each of our individuated (or personalized) minds ("my" mind, "your" mind).  Among commonplace, frequently encountered dialectics currently serving to fracture our natural solidarity as hue-mans, to render causes in common sources of CONtention among us, are the following.
Globalist - Individualist
Capitalist - Communist
Liberal - Conservative
Democrat - Republican
Rich - Poor
Jew - goyim (more generally, We - They,
for example, "US vs. China")
Black - White
I - You
When separations inherent in Creation, amplified in Mind by our peculiar kind of sensory awareness and analytical processing, becomes CONtentious, then we have ripened sufficiently for divide-and-conquer types to finish us off, once and for all.  "A house divided cannot stand."

I note here that some may prefer the phrase "collective consciousness".  Having pursued the study of the so-called Mind-Body Problem for a half a century, I conclude that the idea of our sharing Mind comes closer to Reality.  I do not doubt the reality of collective consciousness (Mass Mind), a concept I first encountered many decades ago.  Edward Bernays et alia and many others knew of this phenomenon, too (e.g., "Propaganda").  In fact, teachings of The Mind remained occult, the province of Ancient Schools of Wisdom, until the past century or so.

Mindful of the present length of my post, I shall break it off here.

GOD bless.  May each and all find The Way home safely, happily, and FREE!  Don't tarry too long at the great many puppet shows displayed to hook you, steal your attention, delay your salvation, and trap you in perfidy.

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