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Sunday, June 7, 2020

COVID, Floyd, Defund Police. Isn't it Obvious Now??

At the urging of another Anon, I going to resubmit a reply to a question they had.

There are a lot of people who are angry in America, and around the world right now. Almost all of them have been locked down for multiple months through no fault of their own. Almost all of them have had severe lifestyle disruptions with job losses, financial losses and inability to support themselves without government handouts. Many have suffered from mental health challenges due to the isolation from having to be locked down at home. Many have also suffered from relationship and family problems for the same reason.

People were angry. But this was not Trump’s fault. Xi and the CCP absolutely caused this to destabilize the global economy because they knew their own economy was failing for a number of reasons including trade and debt problems, and overextension on Belt and Road. They could not sustain their economic pace so they decided to pull the global economy down with theirs. The release of their bioweapon is that simple. They could no longer keep up with America.

The Democrats used this black swan event that (they hoped) no one else saw coming, and had absolutely no origins in America - against the President. The Democrats were mad when local economies started opening back up because that killed their plot to steal the election by making mail-in voting mandatory across the country. Social distancing was over.

When that also failed, they had to go back to an old reliable trick of theirs - play the race card, and blame it on Trump. When you have a propaganda machine like the Dems do in the MSM that reaches 100% of the country, and the world, whether you watch it or not, your ability to shape the population’s thoughts is literally frightening.

The Democrats knew there were a lot of upset Americans all across the country. Then the Floyd murder happened. The Dems used that coupled with anger of being locked down for months - in conjunction with their propaganda machine - to tell the country,

“Yes it is okay to be mad. But you must be mad at Trump because he is the cause of all these bad things.” And half the country bought it.

There are coordinated worldwide protests happening everywhere right now - I mean everywhere. They are exemplified greatly because this comes right after people are finally getting outside again after months of being stuck inside.

The timing is too perfect for the Dems not to exploit this. I can guarantee you, with how this massive upheaval is so coordinated, this is not a random set of events that all happened to occur at the same time. Global pandemic + global coverup + global panic + global economic collapse + global lockdown + global racism outrage + global law enforcement hatred and defunding. What is the constant here? Global(ist).

The MSM will tell everyone - who will listen - this is all Trump’s fault. They want outrage and anarchy across the country, and the globe. The Defund the Police movement has been created so it will be impossible to contain the civil unrest that will start when Trump wins in November.

This is the Dems plan to invalidate Trump’s re-election. It is right in front of our faces. It cannot be allowed to proceed. Any state by state defunding of their law enforcement meant to protect their citizens should be met with an equal defunding of those states by the Federal Government across the board.
And an equal funding of federal law officials that can take over defense of American Cities.

stock out. 

(If you have gotten this far, thanks for having the patience for reading something I felt needed to be said.)

1 comment:

  1. enjoying your analysis. this:
    "The Democrats used this black swan event that (they hoped) no one else saw coming, and had absolutely no origins in America - against the President. "

    Chinese published a paper trail of research on SARs corona, dangers of a vaccine, acute respiratory distress, ACE2 going back at least 2012, some by the bat lady. Fauci then co funds a redundant N Carolina study with China and then Fauci blatantly sends the work back to China

    I began to question why, if a bioagent is being planned as pandemic, China would publish a paper trail. The N Carolina study was nothing new. Although it created gain of function, the study was allowed to complete enough for publication, before the CDC made a show of a cease and desist order. dog and pony

    Evidence suggest both US and China wanted public to discover the paper trail to China

    2. 2019 Bail Reform was obviously planned for future riot

    3. Early on I suspected a weak virus was chosen as a teaching tool. They expected people to resist lockdown because the virus was weak I figured at the point people really rebel, they will release a stronger virus - videos already scripted of weeping americans sorry they did not obey. DEM governors will be part of the plan. Expect public confessions by doubters and mob attacks on them

    4. However, Trump unmasked so they started riot early, MSM dropped all but riot coverage, and internet went High-Censor

    It is too early for them to quit
    Cornered rat fights the dirtiest


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