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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Damien's Day, June 6th, And A Story On How Satan Attacked Both My Dogs

Now That is a Good Boy!
Ah yes, Satan, I have found that entity to be petty and overall lame.    Reflecting on today, Damien's Day 6-6

On June 6th 2013 (666) my male German Shepherd got the bloat as we were driving demons from the property with a huge bonfire.    We saved him with an emergency operation.

A few years later, my female German Shepherd, went to a Bark in the Park (dogs allowed at the baseball game), there must have been a number of impure spirits in that group, but Satan again took a pot shot at my dog's life and she got the bloat.  We saved her with an emergency operation.   

The date June 6 2016 (6-6-6).   They entered the emergency vet hospital within 30 minutes of each other exactly 3 years apart.

Satan lame, ain't got no game, but watch out for the pot shots!

Today, on Damien's day, we shall not leave the property.    This year on 1-16, my Male Dog "went to the sky", I told him I would see him in about 50 years.   Best dog ever.   No bones for my remaining Female shepherd, today, no risks shall be allowed for Satan to take a pot shot, plus methinks he is busy with all sorts of Mayhem via the lies of the leftists.
Day 6-6, fill in the blank! LOL

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