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Monday, June 8, 2020

Doesn't It Seem Strange Martin Gugino (Unstable Guy With Bloody Ear Drum) Also Shows Himself Rock Climbing?

This is from his instagram page.  It doesn't mesh with the highly unstable "Kramer" type fall that this guy took, and of course the video misses the actual fall.

Hmmm....and that extra yellow tube from the mask to ear.   It was clear that he was instigating the police, a line of police coming at you and you advance rather than back off.

I think not.

I doubt he is in the news again, unless it is yet another act.

Martin Gugino
A new video emerges, from across the street, from a video-tographer, Anthony Nelson


Experienced Videographer with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Non-linear Editing, Lighting, Television, and Media Production. Strong operations professional with a BA focused in Media Production from State University of New York College at Buffalo.
Tell compelling stories through video and audio recording and editing.

stock here---check this out, I had no idea video editing could be so advanced, yet easy

So it would seem he is a professional agitator.
------------------------------------------------------------ Another view from the other side of the street, shows the line of cops starting to move and the lone old guy rushing up to the advancing line and reaching out to a cop. I speculate that he wanted to be arrested, and/or have a struggle to be well documented by the two photographers who were close by. It seems realistic, the loud sound when his head hits the pavement. The voices of the young saying "he's bleeding, he needs medical attention". Amazing if the City of Buffalo was so poor in planning that they did not have ready EMTs safely behind the "line" and out of view of course so as not to become a target themselves. So this is an important data point. Still curious that not a single peep about this guy since Friday. If he was in bad shape, unduced coma, dead, needing head surgery, you would think that would be all over the news cycle. But there is nothing.


  1. Watch and listen @ 14secs: https:/
    Poor guy's head hit the ground really hard, no faking involved.

    1. The video guy was an expert in after effects.
      I think his head did hit, but they juiced the hell out of the sound. Also why was he carrying his helmet in his hand?

      SJW willing to put himself at risk to advance the Floyd Narrative.

  2. I believe that we are hearing his helmet hit the ground and not his head. Not saying he didn't hit his head but who's head sounds like that?

    1. Excellent point, i've seen and heard people go down, but never seen nor heard a head impact like that. I think that is why he had the helmet and not on his head.


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