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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

First Hint of "Floyd Truth" Plays On Fox News "This Was a Hit"

stock here,

Here is a "Graphic link" you need to blow up to read, but some good stuff too

He also said "capitalize on the energy of people locked down for months".

He thinks it could be "a hit", but he doesn't go where he needs to go.....This is Phase 2 of the virus, he hints but doesn't go far enough. 


  1. I cant thank you enough for existing. When I need the truth explained to me, to keep my sanity in check, I go to your blog first. And share also. Namaste

  2. TY please review my stuff from around June 1.....first to the punch on calling this a drug op gone bad.

  3. Anna Von Reitz revealed in a very recent post that the "medical examiner" found that finger prints of the corpse did not match those of George Floyd. Where she got that datum, she did not tell. Given the cover-up credentials of Baden, I find it difficult to believe that leaked from him.

    ALSO, a "closed casket" funeral will be held. I bet! Even the quick pic of "Jeffrey Epstein" wheeled "dead" from a putative jail cell got debunked by a comparison of EAR SHAPE and SIZE soon after its release! As supposedly well trained forensic investigators, these folks do not know how to lie effectively. Back to school with the Father of All Lies!

    1. Ah yes, Satan, I have found that entity to be petty and overall lame. Reflecting on today, Damien's Day 6-6, fill in the blank! LOL

      On June 6th 2013 (666) my male German Shepherd got the bloat as we were driving demons from the property with a huge bonfire. We saved him with an emergency operation.

      A few years later, my female German Shepherd, went to a Bark in the Park (dogs allowed at the baseball game), there must have been a number of impure spirits in that group, but Satan again took a pot shot at my dog's life and she got the bloat. We saved her with an emergency operation.

      The date June 6 2016 (6-6-6). They entered the emergency vet hospital within 30 minutes of each other exactly 3 years apart.

      Satan lame, ain't got no game, but watch out for the pot shots!

      Today, on Damien's day, we shall not leave the property. This year on 1-16, my Male Dog "went to the sky", I told him I would see him in about 50 years. Best dog ever. No bones for my remaining Female shepherd, today, no risks shall be allowed for Satan to take a pot shot, plus methinks he is busy with all sorts of Mayhem via the lies of the leftists.


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