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Friday, June 26, 2020

Gates Foundation Linked to Death Of 3 Family Members, All Drowned At Same Time, Above Ground Pool, 2 Adults

Bharat Patel, 62 YO

33YO Nisha Patel (Daughter in law)
This is the house,

and Nisha's daughter, 8 YO.
 A neighbor is also named Yamini Patel, and was one of the first interviewed. -------------------------------

So what is the real story? Adults don't drown in a 4' deep above ground pool.

The pool is above ground.   A neighbor had heard screaming.

1) Gates connection, She worked for a Philanthropy 100% funded by Gates.
2) Nisha (33 YO) oversaw $17B Gov Money, and
3) Nisha was into Vaccines

Nisha worked for Obama in the Heath and Human Services, and oversaw $17B in annual "spending", see what I did there?

She was currently working as Executive Director for "Mobility from Poverty" which was 100% funded from the Gates Foundation.

Before that, Patel was a program officer in the US Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Her Linkedin page is still up.   Check it out.    She worked in DC, but apparently 2 months ago, moved to this house in New Jersey.

She had her own web page

She also was the CEO of Robin Hood which is funded by 3 Entities, and of course, it seems like a
key point ought to be rob from the rich to give to the poor.....Noted Board of Directors, Harvey Weinstein and Llyod Blankfein. 

1) Harry and Jeanette Weinberg
2) Tipping Point
3) Gates Foundation

"Tipping Point" is transferring all of their Donations to Social Justice organizations that can drive the "conversation--and more importantly, the action, as far as possible."

So they are funding the Insurgency.

One of these is the Ella Baker Center, Oakland California.
Revenue of $4,018,000
Expenses of $1,870,000

So roughly half of the money goes to something other than themselves.  But they are trying to eradicate poverty, they say.    They work not to Defund the Sheriff, but to force the Sheriff's office to spend money on HIV, after school programs, and providing housing".

Just seems a bit odd to me, how about you?

This other page shows them with Assets of $10,587,000.   Which seems odd, on Revenue of 40% that much, why aren't they spending their money?

The 990's are the Federal Tax Forms, and you can search them here

Tommy G did a rambling drunken thread on this

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