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Friday, June 26, 2020

Joe Biden Will Be Anything They Want Him To Be, His 1993 Version of Deplorables and Super Predators Is Enlightening

stock here, and below a recent co-video with Biden making no sense, and Obama participating with a look of disbelief and no books on the shelves behind him.   LOL

It's worth 3 minutes.   His main point....we need to take criminals off the streets for a long time, and it doesn't matter even if we "created them", and we have no effective rehabilitation.    He also has no suggestions for improvements in rehabilitation.

For him, we just need to stuff them away, those "beyond the pale", i.e. the Deplorables.


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  1. JOSEPH BIDEN, greater than W.J. Clinton, G.W. Bush, Hussein Obummer, Hillary Clinton, Donald ("You're Fired") Trump and just about every POTUS puppet and wannabe POTUS puppet since [maybe] JFK, will likely prove the ultimate test for Americans who still vote as "US Citizens".

    I can only recommend voting for NOBODY for POTUS 2020 and for all other orifices. In all sincerity and seriousness. Consider the invitation from Anna Von Reitz to "paper up" and return to the land and soil of your birth as American State Nationals.


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