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Monday, June 15, 2020

Martin Gugino -- Attorney's Refuse to Provide Information to Reporters

So I called the Attorney's for Martin Gugino.
At first the lady was kind of OK, but without presenting anything actual information.

She said he is still in "re-hab", I asked if that was as an out patient or if he was still in the hospital.   She said in the hospital.

I asked what the source of the blood from the ear was and she said it was because he cracked his skull

Then she asked me, I don't think you are a reporter, you will have to send me your "credentials".

I asked for her email address so I could send them.    She said if you don't already have my email then I am not going to give it to you.   And hung up.

Recorded conversation

stock out.    Sound fishy.    I should have led with the more potent question, have you already filed a civil suit?

Maybe a female can call and pose that question to her?


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