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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Masks and a Discussion With 150 Waken People, And A Few Karen's

In response to a comment on a discussion board, who nicely "lashed out" at me, effectively saying I am being fool hardy, and killing granny.   Their comment is below my response.

This is lengthy, but a good discussion, and a number of different viewpoints


I am not saying that it is fake, I am saying that I am done with it.   

Do your fucking research, you are off base.    There will be no vaccine, there never was a good one for SARS-1 and there is no reason to think there will be for SARS-2.    "Technology" may have improved, but 100M years of evolution probably  means that there just is no great solution to this except herd immunity --- and my theory is we need about 20% to get there.

Your "research" on the Spanish flu of 18/19 is lacking.   The second wave shit you speak of is poorly researched, but if you want real information, look here.

I could refute each "point" you pretend to make, but it is silly enough to not deserve the effort.
Just because you think you are done with Covid19 does not mean that it is done with you. Lots of people right now are doing some bad math based on some carefully chosen numbers and declaring that coronavirus is no worse than the regular flu.

It simply is not true. Total deaths are up all over the world. There are spikes on the graphs of death rates that future historians will jump at. Meanwhile, the pandemic is tracking along the same path as the 1918 Influenza.

At that time, there was a small initial wave (spring), a second wave that was about 5x as large (fall), and then a third wave that killed about 3x as many people as the first wave (winter) with a gap in between during the summer. Just waving your hand and insisting that it's all fake does not make it fake. It just makes you and those who follow your leading vulnerable. Which leaves me with a question: who are you and what is your agenda? Are you trying to get Americans to take chances with this virus? Not to take precautions that are pretty standard epidemic handling procedures?

And I have another question: Pres. Trump is using the fact that he stopped flights from China as a campaign point. If the whole thing is an overblown fake, why did he do that? I suspect that he has better sources of information than we doing (Fauci and Birx and the WHO), and he was acting on what they told him, but his action in shutting down flights in from China indicates that the information he had indicated that this disease was to be taken VERY seriously since stopping inbound flights had a serious economic impact.

So if it was a serious disease in China, how did it become an overblown head cold in North America? That just does not follow logically. Something more is going on here than you are accounting for, and I fear that glib statements about Group Think and self-congratulatory bombast is going to get a lot of people killed. Which leads me back to motives. Are you trying to get people killed?

We don't all wear them in Florida. Personally I would never wear a mask.
[–] 24312808? ago 
Never wore one yet.
[–] 24312381? ago 
Never wore a mask from the beginning
[–] 24312011? ago 
I never where one, and NOT ONE PERSON has said a thing.
This is Western NY.
Not One Person....
[–] 24311998? ago 
Haven't work a mask in 2 months.
Even then only 2 times.
[–] 24310935? ago 
Just because you think you are done with Covid19 does not mean that it is done with you. Lots of people right now are doing some bad math based on some carefully chosen numbers and declaring that coronavirus is no worse than the regular flu. It simply is not true. Total deaths are up all over the world. There are spikes on the graphs of death rates that future historians will jump at. Meanwhile, the pandemic is tracking along the same path as the 1918 Influenza. At that time, there was a small initial wave (spring), a second wave that was about 5x as large (fall), and then a third wave that killed about 3x as many people as the first wave (winter) with a gap in between during the summer. Just waving your hand and insisting that it's all fake does not make it fake. It just makes you and those who follow your leading vulnerable. Which leaves me with a question: who are you and what is your agenda? Are you trying to get Americans to take chances with this virus? Not to take precautions that are pretty standard epidemic handling procedures? And I have another question: Pres. Trump is using the fact that he stopped flights from China as a campaign point. If the whole thing is an overblown fake, why did he do that? I suspect that he has better sources of information than we doing (Fauci and Birx and the WHO), and he was acting on what they told him, but his action in shutting down flights in from China indicates that the information he had indicated that this disease was to be taken VERY seriously since stopping inbound flights had a serious economic impact. So if it was a serious disease in China, how did it become an overblown head cold in North America? That just does not follow logically. Something more is going on here than you are accounting for, and I fear that glib statements about Group Think and self-congratulatory bombast is going to get a lot of people killed. Which leads me back to motives. Are you trying to get people killed?
[–] 24312504? [S] ago 
I am not saying that it is fake, I am saying that I am done with it.
Do your fucking research, you are off base. There will be no vaccine, there never was a good one for SARS-1 and there is no reason to think there will be for SARS-2. "Technology" may have improved, but 100M years of evolution probably means that there just is no great solution to this except herd immunity --- and my theory is we need about 20% to get there.
Your "research" on the Spanish flu of 18/19 is lacking. The second wave shit you speak of is poorly researched, but if you want real information, look here.
[–] 24310712? ago 
I wore a mask 1 time during this whole fakedemic. Not a single person has ever said a word to me for not wearing one. It may have something to do with being 6'5" @ 260lbs. IDK. I live in Georgia.
[–] 24310572? ago 
Try getting on a plane. They wont let you on. I havent found a way around this on yet. You have to keep it on the entire flight and it drives me crazy.

[–] 24310516? ago  (edited ago)
The other day a store made me wear a face covering to come in so i wrapped and enormous packing blanket around my head and shopped. they were rofl'ing
[–] 24310440? ago 
Masks are for the brainwashed. LMFAO.
[–] 24310426? ago 
I am the same way and live in a fairly conservative area but my refusal meant i did not get to see the doctor but i was still willing to refuse and told them this is nothing but a complete farce.
[–] 24310333? ago 
Here’s the thing I’m a fan of the masks for: facial recognition is defeated with it and sunglasses.
Now, I have a government excuse to walk around unidentifiable.
Side note: I love walking my kids around without masks on and seeing the karens run to the other side of the street.
[–] 24309739? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Face masks are racist!!! Harambe Floyd didn’t have one in when he died!
[–] 24309616? ago 
I have one store in my area that has a mandatory mask policy, Menards. I'd challenge it but I don't want to risk a big confrontation with the security guard/enforcer at the entrance door. Considering I shop here two or three times a week sometimes it isn't worth getting my ass banned from the store. Everywhere else my face goes naked.
[–] 24309447? ago 
Ive never worn a mask, this whole charade was complete bs to me from the get go..
[–] 24309434? ago 
I have not put a mask kn once during this ridiculous psyop. I have gone into the hospital for an unrelated issue and it was SILENT!! PARKED AMBULANCES, EMPTY HALLS, NO FUCKING PANIC ANYWHERE!!
I don't wear a mask. I walk into Whole Foods and everyone looks extemely paranoid, and i really mean extreme. They look at you, walk fast, make sure to keep distance, all while giving you dirty looks for not wearing masks. The casheirs have to change gloves for each purchase. They have to wear masks and have to help you behind a plastic wall.
I don't give a fuck though. Fuck these muther fuckers for believing this scam. Fuck it.
[–] 24308952? ago 
My job takes me into people’s home, and my employer requires I wear a mask in customers homes. In 3 months I’ve only encountered 3 individuals who wore a mask. 90% of customers simply ask if they need to have a mask while I’m there, to which I reply “ it’s your house I’m not telling you what to do, my employer requires I wear a mask not you” I see roughly 10-15 homes a day 5 days a week. No ones wearing masks. All hype.
[–] 24308631? ago 
they either bug the fuck out, take their mask off with me with relief, or..yeah..(: lmfao look at people like us "wow I wish I had balls like him."
[–] 24308316? ago 
My wife and I have not worn a mask yet and have no plans to.
[–] 24307982? ago 
Haven’t worn one yet and don’t plan on doing so. People only look at me funny when I don’t make my kids wear one.
[–] 24307856? ago 
My mom was brave enough to finally start venturing forth from her house. She has been in self-quarantine for momths and is just now starting to go to the grocery store and other public places after slowly being redpilled about this whole situation. She was surprised and alarmed by all the social distancing arrows on the floor everywhere telling her where to go and obviously by all of the masks.
She said she was at the grocery store and the cashier coughed behind his mask. She raised her eyebrow at him and he immediately started apologizing and assuring her that he was healthy. She responded, "It's fine! It's probably from you wearing that mask all day!"
I also have an aunt who apparently has just sort of snapped. Lives on a farm in the country and won't allow anyone on her property without a mask. Won't even accept packages. Fear is the mind-killer.
The number of people driving around alone in their car wearing masks is a visual aid for how many hopelessly braindead people there are. This whole situation has been a test of the integrity of our society and we have failed miserably, and I am sure we are only just beginning. I hope people are capable of casting aside fear and accepting Truth. Trying to keep the faith here.
[–] 24307833? ago 
I started a new job 3 weeks ago today. They said masks were mandatory PPE. Even the supervisors walk around without them. I havent worn it for 3 weeks and nobody has said anything about it
[–] 24307801? ago 
in Arizona and I feel the hysteria growing, people are so dig in on believing the narrative they are doubting reality
[–] 24309093? ago 
That's sick because in Arizona you get nothing but sun. I guess those libs never go the memo that direct sunlight kills any virus in just a few seconds. People are fucking sick.
Unmasked faces lives' matter.
Sorry, I couldn't resist...the resistance. Love that many of us haven't bought the bullshi! Keep it up!
[–] 24307711? ago 
You're a sissy if you do not make eye contact and maintain it the whole time. I am 6ft2in and 210lbs white guy with hair almost to my belt so I stand out. I will and do lock onto their eyes and maintain it until they turn away or leave my sight. I do not social distance and never have. I did have an encounter with a "Karen" and she played her part perfect >> Until I offered her my phone to call the cops<< she STFU and left. But not before >> I did ask her to "lets finish this outside". she got real pissed when I told her she was "submissive" and wearing that mask proves it.
[–] 24307986? ago 
Keeping distance should be done at minimum in case you are getting near someone immune compromised in a grocery store. Distance and masks help reduce exposure to aerosolized germs. If the people avoid you, give them space, there could be a good reason they stay away from you. Let them shop for their food in peace.
[–] 24308086? ago 
I saw a man today in a motor chair at dollar general, his legs like pencils. He was on oxy and had on a mask. I asked him if he thought I was "safe" enough to help him and he said "hell yes" and all he wanted was 2 12 packs of Bush lite. I went and got them , put them in the buggy part of the motor chair. I followed him up to pay out and then went outside and put the cases in his car. He shook my hand and said thanks, then he said the mask was nothing it made his wife happy and he was 6 months to live. I took the motor chair back in the store bought ice cream and left.
[–] 24307620? ago 
I haven't worn a mask a single time this entire "pandemic". No one has said anything to me. I get some dirty looks, but I just smile back :D
[–] 24307609? ago 
I have never wore a mask and only have been reprimanded by 1 manager. I don't get Karens because I open carry a combat knife which is legal in my state but the people in my area aren't too friendly to self defense so angry glares about the worst they can manage.
[–] 24307564? ago 
I live just an hour outside of Chicago and stopped doing it.
If anyone bothers me I tell them the WHO said asymptomatic carriers can't transmit COVID.
[–] 24307527? ago 
I'm doing the same thing even though the mafia that runs my state passed an executive order forcing us to wear a mask. Fuck Cuomo, he would have to put me in jail first. Oh wait, he just defunded the fucking cops so I guess he don't have anyone to enforce his stupid unconstitutional law.
[–] 24307384? ago 
Went in nice store without mask, even though signs everywhere asking customers to wear one. Employees were cool, but a lib snowflake locked eyes with me and were full of horror. She said, your supposed to wear a mask in here. I said, we're on our way out. Then she followed the wife and I and proceeded to lecture us and only thing I picked up is "you guys want to die?"
I turned and replied... you gonna kill us or just get off on mask shaming us all the way to the door? Clueless idiots!
[–] 24307373? ago 
A few gems for my fellow unmasked bravehearts:
how the masks are made in China
masks are a psyop
FauxCHI on wearing masks no good
Be careful wearing masks continuously

Here's what worries me - 1) possibility that the virus is IN the test, on those swabs. or 2) what would pass with every other fucking disease in the world as "YAY YOU HAVE IMMUNITY!" is now "proof" that you have to quarantine for 2 weeks and rat out all the humans and dogs you've been in contact with for the past month. Yeah. No. OR 3) you do a test and wind up in a database that you don't want any part of.
All three scenarios are very concerning. So, if anyone asks, "Yeah - I took the test! No virus! Yay!" None of their fucking business. How about we start asking women if they have had the HPV test? Or asking guys how their Prostates are. Anyone else notice this PsyOp has knocked all HIPPA laws out of the block.
[–] 24308044? 3 points (+3|-0) ago 
Super skeptical of the testing efforts too. We can’t keep voting accurate, what makes people think they can send in millions of these tests and keep it so organized that you get the results back for the test you took. Not to mention the inaccuracies of the tests.
My money is still on that this is a dna collection exercise
[–] 24308073? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
amen - good point. They shove that q-tip so far up your nose it goes into your brain. No one has answered WHY yet. It makes no sense. It's just torture fun for them. But DNA collection might explain it. Fuck I'm so pissed at all of this. Just lost another neighbor to this bullshit. Told them I won't wear a mask and got piled on. FUCK!
[–] 24307128? ago 
One other thing I do - I ask where they go their medical degree, Facebook? Then I ask why it's news to them why WASHING YOUR FUCKING HANDS had to be told to them! I am always careful during flu season. This is no different.
here's another one you can use -
[–] 24307111? ago 
The ONLY time I've "masked up" is when taking my parent to a doctor appointment. Then I go to a far corner and unmask. The mask is bullshit.
[–] 24307101? ago 
Ontario, it's 50/50 with masks. I have opted out many weeks ago. It seems like a lot of people have too. A few Karens, both at places women congregate, fabric/sewing type stores called Fabricland.
[–] 24307095? ago 
I just tell them I'm on HCQ and ask why they aren't. When they give me the muh CNN tol' me Bullshit - I text them this -
[–] 24307048? ago 
Live in Phoenix and it depends on the neighborhood as far as the different ratios. And...its been over 105 fucking degrees here. I see people wearing them outside and think, what a bunch of dumb asses!
Today was the 1st time I wore one at a store. Smart & Final. My husband needed some items there for a business he runs. He's been really busy so I did it to help him out. I didn't last long. I kept pulling it down and while going through the aisles, saying...."I CAN'T BREATHE! " Which was true. No one fucked with me.
[–] 24306962? ago 
They all seem to think those masks are going to protect them. Does anyone read the real news?
[–] 24306944? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I've never worn a mask. Not once.

I dont wear a mask. Went to Costco and didnt wear a mask. Everyone else seems to love their masks. Masks are like their comfort binkys for grownups. I see many without masks but too many with them still.
[–] 24306672? ago 
I try to go maskless everywhere, in NYS they have guards at the front door of all grocery stores so I just wear my mask when first going in then I take it off. Fuckin snapped on some douche last week because he ratted on me
[–] 24306451? ago 
Patriots in Orange County got a reversal on the mask-wearing order. (Love this woman's enthusiasm.)
First video -
Second video -
[–] 24306383? ago 
I never wore a mask. Except to enter a store.
[–] 24306347? ago 
I only wore a mask once, for about an hour, because it was required to visit a client's facility.
[–] 24306321? ago  (edited ago)
I haven't worn it since day 1. It was painfully obvious that it was a political ploy.
Went to menards and a nigger security guard told me I couldn't go in without a mask. I said "do you have one I can wear?" he said yeah at the counter, they're $1 each. I said I'm not going to be exploited and walked out fuck menards.
Home depot has everyone going in and out the same door. Makes zero sense, cross traffic. Meanwhile stores like Walmart have unidirectional traffic down aisles.
Now with BLM the dems don't care.
Not to even mention the data, lack of account for all of those who were never tested and probably had it, which would lower the death rate. The over reporting of cases by hospitals to make a buck, or the fact that the cdc and other government health organizations have gone back and forth on effectiveness of masks, spreading through surfaces, and effectiveness of hydroxychloriquine, and ventilators.
I saw the death rate data in the first month and knew right away. Too coincidental for it to be during trumps re-election year, and right after trade deals with China, and right when the investigations into Obama and Hillary are firing up.
I fucking hate every piece of shit sheep that I see wearing masks and it makes me realize how many fucking fools there are in this country. It makes me realize that we may never be the cou try we once were. There are too many lazy uninformed pieces of shit.

I did it today. No mask and ignored their floor markings. Fuck all of these commies.
[–] 24306137? ago 
I've worn a mask once this whole time. It was a gas mask so I could shop at Costco. Funny thing was it scared people when I walk down their row. I'm thinking they should be scared because their sock on their face does nothing. It's about 50/50 now in Ohio on masks. 10/90 on bars and restaurants. People are done.
[–] 24306133? ago 
I have never worn a faggot mask. Except at Menards, where the robot "Mask" attendant (Similar to Walmart Greeter) loses their fucking mind until I put it on, no matter what I say.
Walk around Menards with my mask under my fucking chin. Not ONE PERSON has said anything in months. How fucked up is it that they "Believe" corona is imminent death but don't think it's worth mentioning a mask doesn't work if it is under your chin.
[–] 24306113? ago 
I am in Washington State liberal bastion. I refuse to mask up. Interestingly enough, in my area (north Pierce County) it's about 50/50. I get glares sometimes, so I just invade their space a little and they flee before I "shed" any corona on them. Masks are so unhealthy anyway...
[–] 24305956? ago 
YOU DA MAN! I will never use a mask. So. OR reporting in! Assload of dumbshits here wearing em. And they have NO CLUE how STUPID they look!
[–] 24305920? ago 
Even around Puget Sound, except Seattle itself, masks are disappearing fast. Only worn in stores requiring them for entry, and even then not many take them off inside.
[–] 24305876? ago 
My life was never affected in eastern Oregon AT ALL....aside from the hand sanitizer stations and posted warnings at Walmart..
[–] 24305875? ago 
Anybody remember "Sniglets"? Made-up words to describe previously-undescribed common experiences or situations....
Sniglet for the otherwise-healthy morons that still wear masks everywhere: COVIDIOTS
[–] 24305800? ago 
Masks outside, (or while driving) = brain dead sheep
[–] 24305735? ago  (edited ago)
Im not into oppositional defiance. The virus is real, ive heard from health care people on yt and whom i know personally, this covid is bad. I wear n95 mask inside not because im told to but because i dont want to get it. Take your vitamins everyday.
There is a lot of silly bs around cv19 but dont sleep on the spike protein and viral envelope that ft detrich splices on from hiv. Dangerous stuff.

Eastern California and primarily red country
I’ve seen fewer masks while shopping.
It was 50% a week ago and now 20 to 30%.
The other day I saw two in a car masks.
A couple weeks ago I saw a teen with surgery gloves, mask, and hoodie.
No one has harassed me yet and I am a minority.
[–] 24305633? ago 
I've never worn a mask. The worst I got was dirty looks, death looks, people giving me the eye everywhere I went in the store no one actually said anything to me though.
[–] 24305625? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I guess it depends on where you live. I see very few people wearing masks where I live. Just old people and maybe a few with health concerns. 95% of people have no mask. I live in South Carolina
[–] 24305618? ago 
Unfortunately I have to fly next month and the airlines are requiring it. If I have to do it to get from point a to point b I will. I just ordered a mask that says “This is Bull Shit!”
[–] 24305579? ago 
The clerk yelled, "where's your mask?"
"I just came from the doctor. I already have the virus. A mask won't help me now."
[–] 24305552? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Same. SoCal here and we haven't worn masks since the day we found out that even N95 masks don't stop or slow viruses. I would say more than half the people I see now don't wear masks anymore. Word is getting out.
[–] 24305548? ago 
We haven't been wearing masks here for at least a month and a half
[–] 24305534? ago 
? I never wore a mask. I don't even know where to buy a mask.

They are starting to sue stores in PA for denying entry with out a mask . You can claim you have a condition listed under the ADA and they are not allowed to ask what it is. Under HIPAA you are not required to tell them. Fuck wearing masks ! Plus I love pissing people off.
[–] 24305436? ago 
love making eye contact with non-mask wearers like we know whats up
[–] 24305417? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Depends where I'm at. I'm 35 years old and I've noticed that gen Z doesn't care and if anything they're "rooting" for me I guess is how I would word it. I only encounter them at the supermarket and that's why I know. I'm always, always the only one walking around without a mask in my area, but the cashiers who are required to wear a mask because it's their job, some are happy to talk to me without a mask on
[–] 24305345? ago 
Burn The Mask!!! Just like women did with their bras in the 70's. (what a time that was, woohoo)
[–] 24305289? ago 
Never wore a mask. Fuck that shit!
[–] 24305228? 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)
No mask, and no Karens yet. Ca, central valley.
[–] 24305167? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
We are in that "age" category and refuse to wear a mask. I figure with every other idiot wearing one, that keeps their germs to themselves.
I go out maskless and with my USA cap! F these people. When people look at me, I LOOK BACK: You’re the crazy ones...Smfh..
[–] 24304963? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Wearing masks is like wearing pussy hats... it's fake propaganda mind control. Masks are for the sick, period. Quarantine is for the sick, not healthy. That's all there is to it.
[–] 24304944? ago 
I was not allowed into Goodwill yesterday.
[–] 24304932? ago 
Haven't worn one. Not gonna wear one. Nobody has said jack shit to me but I'm hoping it happens. "Fuck no I'm not wearing one"...
[–] 24304910? ago 
Haven't worn one once since this started here in Texas.
[–] 24304906? 3 points (+3|-0) ago 
Haven't worn a mask, not once. I live in the northeast of the country on the outskirts of a major democrap city in PA. Had some dyke lesbian from a neighboring state (saw her plates on the way in cause I was checking out her Asian girlfriend) try to tell me I need to wear a mask while inside a store. Told her to fuck off, "how can you come to my state and tell me what I can or cannot wear when your state is still on locked down?"
[–] 24304873? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Ive been waiting for a karen. None yet.
[–] 24307775? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Got my Karen waiting outside to enter a nursery. Got into with her while I was with my 78YO mom. My mom.."how did you know her name was Karen?" LOL Now we play "spot the Karen" in the car.
[–] 24310579? ago 
I'm thinking about making a tshirt that says "Fuck off, Karen. Mind your business. " do you think it will sell?
[–] 24304830? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
I live in small town Alberta Canada and I have not worn a mask this entire time.
Very few people in this town wear masks. And at least half of them are Asian.
Very few people here give a fuck. We have lines on the floor in the supermarket and the 16 year old cashier panics if you don't obey them. Now she is terrified that we are about to get with wave two.
But otherwise the majority didn't give a fuck.

I haven't worn a mask voluntarily since the country lost it's mind over the cabal's plandemic. Only when I'm doing work in a paranoid business.
[–] 24304777? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Australia here no one wears a mask in this country unless they are asian
[–] 24304736? 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)
I went to Sam's Club maskless recently. Only saw about 5-8% of people without masks. The rest all had masks.
I walk with a pep in my step to show everyone how energetic and healthy I am. I also smiled at everyone to show that I'm enjoying life FREE. They can't smile back at me, and I like to think it makes them envious haha.
[–] 24304708? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
In Australia, nobody cares. The supermarkets tried to put in rules about how many people can enter and they drew arrows on the floor to try to make people only walk in one direction... and nobody gave a flying fuck. It's all been abandoned and nobody in my community cares about the coronahoax.
[–] 24304694? ago 
Never wore one and never will.
[–] 24304656? ago 
Never wear one. Fuck 'em all.
[–] 24304604? 3 points (+3|-0) ago 
boston. never wear one. nobody says a thing. in fact, some who see me without i have noticed will take thiers off. gives them courage. 🤣
[–] 24312822? ago 
Outskirts of Boston. I never wear one unless a store says you must, even then not always. Baker sucks
[–] 24304508? ago 
I dont have a mask and have not worn one. Fuck 'em.

Yup. My city has a mandatory mask policy. There are 3 exemptions. I cited 2 of them to go into the store and still 2 employees told me i had to be wearing a mask.
Poor brainwahed fools.
[–] 24304483? ago 
No one has ever said shit to me yet. I keep waiting for it to happen so that I can tell them "it's ok because I'm a protester" with as much sarcasm as I can muster.
[–] 24304482? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Only wore one to my prenatal appointments and in the hallways of the hospital while having our daughter 2 and a half weeks ago (hospital policy and was somewhere we had to be). Once we were in our room my husband and I had our masks off the entire time, we did ask the nurse each shift change if they wanted us to have it on when they came in the room, and they all said no.
[–] 24304445? 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)
I live on the North/South Carolina border and cross back and forth regularly. I prefer no mask but I'm cool with the masks if I need to be. Low key is best when amongst the Zombies. I don't wanna get singled out.
Where I'm at in SC not too many people wear the masks anymore. Mostly old people, black women, and a few obvious liberals here and there. Just calling what I see.. The majority seem to be aware it's all BS but aren't sure of what's real and what's not at this point.
When I'm in Charlotte, NC or a Suburb of, it's the opposite. Most of the people (yuppie city types) I interact with are almost panicky about the whole thing. As if the Virus is in the air around us just waiting to infect whoever doesn't comply. Honestly, they come across kinda cray cray. Karens for days. I wear my mask and zip zip, I'm out.
[–] 24304691? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
I have a buddy in Charlotte. He says lines everywhere, masks everywhere. I tried to tell him to come out to the country, we dont wear masks. Hes stuck in the brainwashed crowd.
[–] 24304411? 7 points (+7|-0) ago 
Arizona, never wore the mask, small town so now everyone feels like retards.
cuz they are.
btw... told ya so.
[–] 24304389? ago 
When I go for a run people clear the (probably 8 foot wide) sidewalk into the grass. Fucking idiots. Fine with me but I'm staying on the path.
[–] 24304367? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I haven't worn a mask once...nobody has said shit in my town of +100k
[–] 24304364? ago 
My company cleaning lady is the only person who tries to make me wear a mask. She’s also a old Mexican Granada who barely speaks English. No body else gives a shit, and my office is by definition a liberal hell hole.

Seeing less and less people wearing masks in my area. I'd say it has probably dropped to around 10% of the people.
I still do not own one myself.
[–] 24304324? ago 
Fuck masks, I never bent the knee.
[–] 24304269? ago 
I did this in the first week.
[–] 24304259? 6 points (+6|-0) ago 
I haven't worn one. I'm in a suburb of libtard Denver, so almost everybody wears them. I'd say critical mass was 3 weeks ago. Prior to that, me and maybe 3-5 people out of a hundred were mask-less. 3 weeks ago I was literally the only person out of a hundred or so at Whole Foods and another grocery store without a mask. Whole Foods had signs on the door that said "Please wear a mask. If you don't have one, we will provide it for you." Not gonna lie to you frens, it felt a little weird. I could feel the social pressure, but I didn't cave. I almost turned around and walked back to my Jeep but then I said "fuck it" and did my shopping. No one said anything and the cashier was friendly. Now it's back to a handful with no masks, so it's easy for me. I will always be proud of not submitting like the masses.
[–] 24311039? ago 
We are supposed to wear them in the grocery stores in NY. Since the riots, I am not wearing one. If people can loot stores, burn them down, and riot because of "racism", then I feel like I can go about my business without wearing a mask too. It is rare that I see someone else not wearing one in the store. It's easy to social distance as the shoppers seem to assume that if you don't have a mask you are carrying the virus. The store workers seem a lot more friendly though. Either they support the no mask or they think I'm crazy and are trying to stay on my good side. I will keep going to the store without wearing one, hoping that others will start to come around. I don't like confrontation, but I'm over the hypocrisy, and will deal with any Karens if they choose to engage in a dispute.
[–] 24304252? 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)
Philly, streets as crowded as new york, nobody cares or notices if you aren't. More people out walking around than I've actually seen in previous years. And it's been that way for a few months.
[–] 24304159? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
These masked humans might as well have the word ‘pussy’ scribbled in their forehead. It’s hard not to laugh as I walk around seeing the cowards venturing out with their safety masks.
I expect white women to be sheep. Dumb enough to pick low quality mates based on bicep size then complain for eternity about how their emotional needs are unfulfilled.
White men wearing masks is the most repulsive. Again, pussies.
Walked out of a bike store last week. Told me I needed a mask to go inside. Then an employee walks by without one. I almost obeyed. Really want a new bike. Saw that, looked him in the eye and said fuck this I’m not buying a bike here. Away I went.
[–] 24307416? ago 
hey fuck you. I'm a woman. Not a sheep. don't wear a mask. Grow a pair and you don't need to pick on your fellow QAnons. You'd be surprised how many women are on here - and contributing good stuff.
[–] 24310066? ago 
Hi there. I appreciate you expressing yourself.
As you venture down your path in life, you will eventually decouple from the ‘average human’ category and understand who that statement is targeting.
Clearly you are exceptional. If you were not, you wouldn’t even know what a QAnon is.
The more you learn about humans, the more my words will ring true. Place yourself above them, look down, and it will become more clear.
[–] 24305315? ago  (edited ago)
Do you have a youtube channel? May I suggest you specialize in marriage guidance. Before, during and after. And other life tips. I think you'd have a hit show on your hands.
There is also someone in New York who goes around with a camera on his bike handlebars.
Lincoln Karim
[–] 24310107? ago 
Had not heard of of Lincoln, thank you for sharing.
Oh dear, I’d have to wear a paper bag over my head for anonymity. I would start by analyzing both my brothers marriages and my anticipation of their inevitable divorce. (Not anticipating in a pleasure sort of way, more like anticipating the sunrise. You know it’s coming just by the circumstances of natural law.
Sharing my thoughts in a truthful but triggering way would be a joy.
On the topic of male-female relationships - I studied psychology (not academically - I used all sources I could find) and always knew I wasn’t finding reality.
Finally, a girl introduced me to ‘Beat Your Genes’ podcast. Dr Doug Lisle. That dude knows what is up. And doesn’t give a fuck. He is straightforward and honest, not a mean bone in his body. Good sense of humor.
The world will suddenly make sense.
[–] 24304153? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Hardly anyone in my town wears them, less than 10%.
[–] 24304131? 4 points (+4|-0) ago  (edited ago)
I've never worn one and I've never followed the stupid arrows on the ground in the stores either. If there's an aisle I need to go down, I fucking go down that bitch any which way I please. So far no one has said a damn thing to me. I think people can just sense that I'm not playing around.
The best part of the mask thing is being able to see exactly who is still sucking on the MSM teats. Makes it so much easier to know whom to avoid talking to because they suck down your IQ.
[–] 24308980? ago  (edited ago)
my god you're right.
I'm all alone lol. They all wear masks.
Every last one.
I should have stayed in Texas!
This must be how that dude in the 'broke my glasses at the end of the world and loves to read' felt in that twilight zone episode.
[–] 24304067? 15 points (+15|-0) ago 
Walked into Home Depot, builders entrance (which was the "covid" entrance at one point).
Cashier told me I had to walk back outside and go into the cordoned off lineup.
I said "I'm already in the store, call security I don't give a shit".
Never worn a mask or gloves.
Episode 2:
Supermarket. Was told by a 20 something "security" guard that I had to stand on the circles in line to keep my distance.
My reply? "I was in Kindergarten in 1970...nice try"
They're empty shells. Zombie jellyfish.
Stand up and they melt.
[–] 24304877? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
"I was in Kindergarten in 1970...nice try"
I like this line!!!
[–] 24303986? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I've never worn a mask. I used to get dirty looks. Now I don't even get that. Been asked to wear a mask at only one place or I'd have to leave. So I left. The look of shock on the girls face made me laugh.
[–] 24303985? ago 
I only Karen while painting
[–] 24303922? ago 
I don't Karen lol fuck that kek. Everywhere I go, I see signs "MASKS REQUIRED", and I just laugh. Only one store enforced it, so I shop elsewhere.
[–] 24303888? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
I say I'm an anti-masker...wwg1wga
[–] 24303883? ago 
I never wore one and never even thought about wearing one.
Didn't cross my mind not even once. I knew it was a bunch of B.S. from the get go.
[–] 24303847? 11 points (+11|-0) ago 
Never wore one...never will. From Tulsa, OK
[–] 24304362? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
I’m near in Missouri. Never put one on, and nearly everyone here has stopped wearing the mask of submission.
[–] 24305076? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Can confirm this is true. I am in this region as well. Except for Medical Facilities. They forced me to wear one when I went for a blood draw. Took it off as soon as I sat down. And some churches. I was at a funeral coupla weeks ago and they said I couldn't come in without a mask. She gave me the mask I tied it around my neck and went in, took it off as soon as I sat down. I was THE only person not wearing one through the entire service in the building. Ridiculous!
I had to abandon my shopping cart when an employee told me to wear a mask.
[–] 24303805? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Police threw me out of wholefood for not covering my nose.
[–] 24303787? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Same here, have not worn one for 2 months. Nobody has said anything and it feels wonderful!!
[–] 24303768? 38 points (+38|-0) ago 
I got scolded by 2 co-workers for not wearing one and I just told them "It's OK, I support black lives matters so I can't be infected" and they just shut up.
[–] 24305629? 5 points (+5|-0) ago 
Stealing this.
Which fits in will with BLM, so...
[–] 24303764? ago 
No masks required in Denmark.. yet.
[–] 24303720? 5 points (+5|-0) ago  (edited ago)
Western MD and still primarily a Red county. I've been going maskless for the past 4 weeks, lowes, homedepot, walmart, beer stores, convenience stores, samsclub, and if I get ask to wear a mask, I leave. Looked at 60 jobs past 3 months and 2 people ask me to wear a mask. Half way into me looking at their job they said forget about it..... he said he would stay 6' away and had surgery 1 week after my visit. The other clients had a 90 year old mother and understandably I wore a mask the entire time.
[–] 24303699? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I keep getting kicked out of places or screamed at...
[–] 24303685? 5 points (+5|-0) ago 
Went to the grocery with my bf, no masks. As we're walking in my bf says, 'Oh, shit, I didn't bring a mask.' I said 'You don't need one, haven't you heard about the cure?!? He says, 'No, what?' I said "Violent riots!" And this roided out freak in a big black sticky-out codpiece looking mask swung around in a rage. I couldn't hear what he said through the codpiece. LOL!
[–] 24308995? 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)
Yes I will now be referring to them as codpieces.
"Why? Because there appears to be some sort of MASSIVE PRICK inside it!"
You have to point right at their chest when you say massive prick.

I've been wishing for a Karen to say something to me but no one has. Most of the people I see wearing them are employees or middle aged black women.
[–] 24303653? 7 points (+7|-0) ago 
Middle Tennessee. One in 10 to 15 wear a mask. The closer you get to Nashville the more masks you see.
[–] 24307886? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
I'm mad they got Nashville. I'm mad they killed country music too.
[–] 24303578? 0 points (+1|-1) ago 
Never. No Karen's either. I usually give everybody the stink eye anyway. I hate people
[–] 24303526? 23 points (+23|-0) ago  (edited ago)
I live in rural Texas.
We never put masks on, and we're tired of hearing about it
[–] 24309834? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
The u.k is pretty relaxed surprisingly . Either that or I am oblivious. It seems to me only a minority wear masks.
[–] 24307360? ago 
Yeah, me too. What you said.
[–] 24306016? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Same in eastern(rural) Oregon
[–] 24303524? ago 
I tried wearing a dust mask while sanding drywall mud once years ago. It lasted about 10 minutes.
[–] 24303521? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I've never worn a mask.
[–] 24303478? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
I live in a strict mask state and I stopped wearing any masks anywhere.
[–] 24303474? 6 points (+6|-0) ago 
Never wore a mask. One store refused to allow my wife, we left and never went back. We get dirty looks. We pity the mind-controlled zombies.
[–] 24305691? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
We left Costco and got a Sams membership. Costco lost my thousands every year.
[–] 24306915? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Yeah. Dumping them myself. They were one of the first with the masks crap.
Nor have I and I'm in Soviet Seattle. One exception, as I entered my Dental office. You do realize those door openings are highly contagious but no problem with someone crawling around in my mouth. I N S A N I T Y
[–] 24303468? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
I wear mine once every 4 weeks. Specifically, I get my haircut every 4 weeks because I don't want to deal with my hair. (Veteran here) My hair cutting chick owns her own building and is required by the State that everyone wear a mask. So, out of respect for her, and her lively hood, I wear a mask for the 10-15 minute cut. SHE knows it's Bullshit, and I pointed out the large holes I poked into the front of my mask. She says nothing when the stretched out elastic band and whole mask slips below my chin, lol. She will be (surprise) inspected in the next 2 weeks.
[–] 24303414? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
No karens so far.
[–] 24303405? 6 points (+6|-0) ago 
I have yet to wear one anywhere yet and no plan to start.
[–] 24303403? 15 points (+15|-0) ago 
I'm with you. I make sure I honk and get the attention of those retards driving alone in their cars and wearing a mask just to give them the bird. Fucking brainwashed morons it scares me how many there are.
[–] 24303448? 14 points (+14|-0) ago 
61% obediently obey anyone in an authority position.
Milgrim shock study;
[–] 24303402? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I never wore a mask except for the occasional use of gloves. Now when I see people wearing them, i imagine them as dogs. I can't help it I know
[–] 24305144? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I totally get this. That is exactly how I feel, like I'm looking at kicked dogs.
[–] 24303397? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
PA. here i don't wear them either. Get strange looks now and then.No one has said a word tho.
[–] 24303887? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Same with me, Lancaster County.
[–] 24303445? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
They must be thinking "that man must have such a large penis, I wish I did too"
[–] 24303382? 92 points (+92|-0) ago 
I live in a liberal California city. I was out for a walk and a masked Karen asked "Why aren't you wearing a mask?" I responded "If I was black, would you ask me that question?"
She couldn't string a sentence together.
[–] 24310260? ago 
[–] 24307501? ago 
Wife and I are out over the weekend. We don't mask. We saw another couple without masks. Both of us briefly pointed and laughed at all the masked idiots spaced out the door waiting to enter a store. We smiled, nodded at each other in amusement, and went our own way.
It really is the line between those who can't think for themselves and those that can. Take a hard look and realize most people can't think for themselves. That's makes them easy to control and dangerous.
[–] 24306850? ago 
so cal anon here, wish i had that courage to even go out maskless just so i could say that haha
[–] 24306671? ago 
Thanks for that. I’ll definitely use that if needed. Patriots rock!

Yes. I only got yelled at by three people; liberals, no doubt. But that was hilarious. Mostly, people look at me like they're embarrassed. No store clerks ever caused me any problems.
[–] 24303376? ago 
I wore a mask one day.
[–] 24303371? 11 points (+11|-0) ago 
Haven't worn a mask yet. I get karen's evil eye every day.
[–] 24304826? 10 points (+10|-0) ago  (edited ago)
I think I'm just autistic enough to not recognize the body language when the Karens are stink-eyeing me. Ignorance is bliss ;)
[–] 24306030? ago 
I love my Aspergers
[–] 24305648? 6 points (+6|-0) ago 
So is not giving a fuck. I love shopping at the grocery store pulling up right next to them and asking if they see anything good.
[–] 24304973? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
Most likely you have mild asperger's syndrome like I do. It makes it hard to pick up on body language. I had to train myself to pick up signals.
[–] 24305051? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Yeah, I should probably do that too. It's kind of funny because if I record myself having a conversation with someone, and then I later watch the recorded footage I'll see all kinds of nonverbal signals and language that I missed while I was talking to them.
[–] 24307474? ago 
I'm lucky in that i do have good recall of conversations so just playing it back in my mind later is enough. I've also learned what to look for.
[–] 24307367? ago 
Because you cannot do two things at the same time. I work with a guy like that. He's busy thinking about his reply to my conversation and CANNOT figure out WHY I stared the convo. Good or bad.
[–] 24303361? ago 
Never wore a mask. Wore gloves for March/April - that is it.
Love how no one rides my ass in the line up now! Fucking sheep.
[–] 24303354? 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)
I had enough of it after the initial 15 days to Flatten the Curve in March. I've never worn a mask and nobody has brought it up to me. When I first went back to work at the office in April I told a couple of people that were wearing masks that I had one in my car and would go get it if they would feel more comfortable and they both said "no, don't worry about it" so I didn't. After that I quit asking.
[–] 24304127? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Kudos to you for asking the people around you if they minded. Even though the whole thing is stupid it's the polite thing to do.
[–] 24303353? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Except when forced to at work, I don't. I wore a mask to the grocery store twice, haven't done it in weeks.
[–] 24303348? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I've had to wear my mask twice - once for the dermatologist visit (skin cancer) and once for the GP doctor (annual check-up.) Several other stores have 'recommended' signs but I don't wear one there. Others have NO sign so no mask there either.
[–] 24303290? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Here in CA the grocery stores require them when you enter. Such fucking unconstitutional bullshit. I don't know why Trump hasn't put an end to it already.
[–] 24303838? 5 points (+5|-0) ago 
Tell them you have a disability and you can’t wear one. They can’t bar entry to you legally and they certainly can’t ask to prove you have a disability.
[–] 24303659? 7 points (+7|-0) ago  (edited ago)
Required to 'enter'. I pull mine down once I get past the guards. And, when I get to the checkout with my cart full of perishables, they don't hassle me. Most likely because they don't want to have to put all that stuff back where it came from. In fact they rush to get me checked out. It's a nice trick that's been working for me so far in Commifornia.

I've never worn one. Wait. I take that back. I wear a mask when I'm mowing brush and grass in my skidsteer because the pollen fucks me up. Other than that I never wear one. I never get sick either. Virus comes to me... Virus dies. - Oregon.
[–] 24307109? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
I'm right there with you. Except the figurative mask I wear in public to hide my disgust with much that I see.
[–] 24307162? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
I like the masks... The sheep are easily identified. The strong can walk quickly anywhere they want to go. It's. Like being a man in an Islamic nation. We know who the bitches are.
[–] 24306362? ago 
wood chipper for me
[–] 24305980? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
Fellow Oregonian here(Eastern) father who is almost 60 was extremely sick in January for about 3 days and swears it was the Rona..he said he has never felt that way before.
[–] 24307143? ago 
Wife said the same in Jan I never get sick. Baby got sick for 3 hours. Ya I'm in the valley but originally from the south center. Nice to see a fellow oregonism here. ... We will win. We have the best land on earth. Don't let it go. I am out here fighting the worst of them. Stay positive.
[–] 24305593? 3 points (+3|-0) ago 
I wear one when heavy sanding in enclosed are but no where else.
[–] 24305989? ago 
[–] 24303164? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
The only time I wore one was as required on a special flight out of Costa Rica.
No problems anywhere else, although I did avoid Costco because of their policy, and I don't think I'll renew my membership.
Hold your head high and let people see you!
[–] 24303440? 0 points (+1|-1) ago 


  1. Thank you for posting this "unscientific", "non-statistical sample", "self-selected" survey of views, experience, and actions|reactions over time! Most enlightening and entertaining. The diverse array of experiences across many areas seems very informative to me. Great basis for designing a stratified cluster sampling to see what's really going on in the minds of people.

    Ensconced in the Sierra Nevada foothills, near to towns predominantly occupied by the "liberal minded", I myself ventured out today, sans the mask which I never had to wear, to the grocery store on behalf of wife. She had gone several times before, mask in tow and blue plastic gloves.

    I estimated perhaps one in 20 shoppers had no mask; all the store employees, of course, wore masks. No one said anything to me, nor did I encounter a Karen. I escaped with the goodies and made it back home without CON-frontation.


    1. TY for the slice of life.

    2. BTW I think the gloves may be an overkill for normal life. Medical facility, sure. But the virus, I think, lives longer on hard surfaces like plastic/latex, then on soft surfaces like cardboard/ cuts a different matter, as I have 4 on my hands from reconstructing my house and security systems.


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