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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

MSM Complete Lies About COVID "Spikes" Hospitalizations and Vents are WAY WAY Down, and Going Down Steadily

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There will be bad actor States and Cities that inflate their numbers, but the overall trend is steady down.    Lets look at the DATA first and then some of the lies.

The first one is hospitalizations, second is ventilators.   Click for a much better bigger view.

There is something going on in AZ though, see bottom chart.

Zerohedge used to be the bastion of Alternative news, now they are bastards pushing the narrative of the Cabal.   This is their top post.    They fail to mention many of these States that have shown a small increase in hospitalizations, are small.

And the states with the largest hospitalizations, all have the numbers move exactly together.

I can't even imagine why that would occur?

Arizona, steady uptick and recent increase

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