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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

MSM has 100% confirmed its absolute control of the US, its hard to deny. Impeachment, COVID19, BLM and Biden for President ... all were plainly insane but the public bought it fully

saw on VOAT

Without changing the media, we cannot win. It's so obvious. That is our battlezone. Someone needs to reset the media control over the US populace. They know they can sell anything, anytime, and control us completely.
  1. Hunter and Burisma? Whatever. They can control it.
  2. Joe and Ukraine? Whatever. They can control it.
  3. Joe/Hunter and China? Whatever. They can control it.
  4. Joe's dementia? Whatever. They can control it.
  5. A VP who will almost certainly be the president soon, but who we know nothing about? Whatever. They can control it.
  6. BLM money goes to the DNC? Whatever. They can control it.
  7. COVID-19's true death rate? They can control it.
  8. Epstein and his honeypot? Whatever. They controlled it
  9. 9/11. They controlled it.
  10. Uranium One? They controlled it.
  11. Vegas? They controlled it.
  12. Assassination attempts on Trump? They controlled it.
  13. Clinton Foundation? They controlled it.
  14. Benghazi? They controlled it.
  15. Seth Rich? They controlled it.
  16. Vaccines? They controlled it.
  17. Illegal immigration's effect of health and economy? They controlled it.
  18. Fast & Furious? They controlled it.
  19. Cash to Iran? They controlled it.
  20. Aid to Haiti? They controlled it.
  21. Aid to Red Cross? They controlled it.
  22. Awan brothers? They controlled it.
  23. Nancy Pelosi's Chinese Spy Driver.   The controlled it.
They only need to say "conspiracy theory" and like a dog whistle all their media assets descend on a crisis and clean up the public's impression of it. They don't care if 30% of us know the truth because the other 70% will win elections and shout down the rest of us.
And if Trump tries to put his thumb on the filthy MSM, then they will use their pulpit to scream that he is a dictator depriving us of the vital freedom of the press.
None of this is possible if the media worked in America. The Left knows there is nothing they cannot spin to fit their narrative.

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