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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NIH Fires 54 Researchers Who Were Being Bribed by CCP, Average Bribe Almost $700,000!!!

Thats some serious bribe money. And, while at it, get them on tax evasion too!

44% of the violations involved illegally transferring NIH materials or technology.

82% of those terminated were Asian males.

Thousand Talent Plan members sign legally binding contracts with Chinese institutions, like universities and research institutions. The contracts can incentivize members to lie on [US] grant applications, set up ‘shadow labs’ in China … and, in some cases, transfer U.S. scientists’ hard-earned intellectual capital. Some of the contracts also contain nondisclosure provisions and require the Chinese government’s permission to terminate the agreement …. These provisions are in stark contrast to the U.S. research community’s basic norms, values, and principles.

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