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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Peer Reviewed Psych Journal "If You Don't Social Distance and Wear Masks, You Are A Narcissistic, Machiavellian, Psychopath" "

Note also that to create the “mob behavior” they needed to establish a mob.

A contributor sent in some links indicating that if you refuse to social distance, you may be a psychopath.    Lot's Wife looking out at the wreckage, has his post at the end.  And indeed, it is beyond amazing that the college educated psychologists are some of the least self-aware people on the planet.  

The whole concept of "6 feet away" is OK at the height of a real pandemic, it establishes a mind set of stay away which is partly useful.     But beyond that it is stupid.   The virus does not "jump like a flea" pulling 40 G's of jumping acceleration to reach the belly of the dog.   The virus clings to fomides, like nasal or cough spray and floats in the air for a while.    

The fomides also get caught on masks, even though the virus itself is quiet small.    Masks are effective, again, during a pandemic.    Beyond that, they are an instrument of mind control, and also useful to provide cover for the criminals paid to create destruction of our moonuments, our evidence, our good ol' USA with all it's flaws.     

The USA is the gem of the world, and there are those who would love to control it even in a degraded state.   
----------------------------------------------------------  stock comments-------------------------

Compared to the normal stupidity of the left, and their complete inability to meme in a non-tone deaf way, this recent rollout has been “excellently” planned and coordinated.   What is amazing to me is that there are so many willing participants.    I am sure there are a number of unwilling participants too….blackmail, or threats of false or real crimes forthcoming.

I am sure they have real psychologists working on this, not just the Big Tech feedback.    After all, 97% of psychologists felt a “duty to warn” about Trump taking a wrecking ball to the Global Cabal.

How are the instructions being distributed?    It can’t be normal email or even phone calls.    It must be encrypted burner phones probably using text.    So do we catch the Gang of 10 governors carrying the “Evil Batphones”?

You would think many of Northwestern classmates, Fraternity brothers, all very intelligent, all with great jobs, families, mostly good health, would be able to see through the transparent Matrix, and yet in my email last week, my duty to warn, most were silent, a handful (of 60) came back with….”you are right on the money”, and another handful came back with “take me off your list, I have no reason to want to see that”.     

One admonished me for wasting my life, assuring me that the US has been through tough times before, wars, and came through fine, and that I should do something useful with my life and that my wife must consider me to be crazy.

It is amazing when presented with the truth of a Globally funded internal insurgency, that most cannot understand the immediate threat to life and property, and the long term threat of a jack boot forever.

This is not the time for complacency

Stock out.

Refuse To Social Distance? New Study Says You May Be A Psychopath!

Blacklisting, finger-pointing, banning…please standby; the insanity of crowds will sweep nationwide. It’s very likely that independent thinkers will be overwhelmed and silenced. 

We’re on an icy slope; the wind is howling; people are unprepared for a bio-war (or find it unimaginable), hatched on the back of a psy-op, and legitimized by health officials. 

Data ignored by the MSM show that the virus is being deliberately spread to boost numbers, instill fear, and demand obedience. 

Most megafauna are still too naive to see the conspiracy or respond. Press leadership is doing what it’s told to do. Most Americans prefer tidy messages; digging below the surface smells of grave-robbing. They prefer to be told what to think. The implications are dire. 

Home of the brave; land of the free? Not so much.

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