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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Prediction: Next 2 False Flags Will Be Real: Cabal Performed Lynching and Murder of Blacks, Mass Shooting (Maybe At a Protest)

stock here.   An article with no article.   Drop a comment, or sign up as a follower. 

Roughly 2000 people a day read this shit, I wish it was a lot more as it would show "open eyes".   Spread the word where you can.

On the Floyd thing, my early research was some of the earliest, exposing also the Floyd and Chauvin Orlando Florida connection, and the real nature of the now burnt to the ground El Neuvo Rodeo.    These got picked up in Japan, elaborated on, and also published in full, gaining tens of thousands of views of my site and how many hundreds of thousands of views in Japan of the Japanese sites that republished.    It has to HELP!

They are trying to fan the flames on COVID coming back. 

Its front page top on Zerohedge everyday.    Look up "Limited Hangout" that is what Zerohedge has become. 

stock out.


  1. Stock, I don't know if you ever tuned in to Ed Hooper, who wrote
    the intense research story -The River- trying to pin down origins of HIV/AIDS.
    His website presents a recent long-read editorial comparing the COVID
    info-denial writings of "established" "scientists" and "journalists" with
    the resistance he has had to endure over years since Thr River was
    published, and the Origin of AIDS video documentary.
    I know you are super busy, Stock, but you will dig the truthful writing
    of Edward Hooper. I hope your readership and Herd Intelligence will
    grow greatly! Thanks for your Good Work...

    1. Yeah, reviewed the Hooper, excellent well balanced work. Only thing that bothered me was him suggesting that a study by the WHO could be useful. They are so compromised, it is horrific.

  2. I think we will get Herd Immunity before Herd Intelligence, lol!


  3. 'Twas a time when the River Running Through It streamed slower: Deliveries of mail once a month, notice of calamities or wars a year after the shouting of fightin' words. Watching the corn get knee-high by July provided our entertainment then a welcome break from cleaning the coop, playing Hercules in the stable, and milking cows when they came home.

    Today, planned events have gone stroboscopic. No sooner than one flash in the pan departs, with after-images still emblazoned on retinas, than another lights up our mind. Sages would seem to agree. Find your Self; with practice, stay centered as best you can; and think good thoughts. The Power$ That Be would have you think THEIR thoughts THEIR way, thus adding to the misery.

    Just say YES to all that seems righteous and life-giving, and live accordingly. If enough of us do this, we can prevail.

    1. I have decided to meditate at least twice a day to keep the center (not political, lol)


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