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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

SAR-2 Plandemic, and the Floyd World Tour Race War, And the (5) Next Events......

Gotta keep a close eye on those Jesuits……LOL

My next update will upset quite a few people, probably lose them entirely……let me run it by you first……

Some of you are not going to like this, it’s combination of research, intuition, and more research.
It may be hard for some of you to accept that there are those who would be okay with intentionally killing tens of thousands of elderly, in the worst way possible….”I can’t breath” while hooked up to a ventilator and haven’t seen family in weeks….granny gate.   Would they also intentionally crash the economy, possibly still leading to over a hundred thousand additional deaths, and then either do or simulate a murder on film, a slow snuff film in order to incite unrest, further destruction of businesses that would already hobbled by COVID, and spur on a “race war”….read on my intrepid truth seekers of cognitive dissonance.

If you need help on seeing on how COVID was over promoted, over blown, let me know.    I think that should already be more than obvious, but if you are listening just to establishment media, you may not have the real picture.  

George Floyd was not a good man.    So you have to ask yourself, why are politicians and “news” agencies making him out to be a  saint who brought joy to those around him?

On the day, May 25th that COVID Deaths dropped 80% off the peak, The Floyd Event occurred.

Floyd had a long rap sheet, like 10 convictions.    This includes drug use and drug dealing, and he was reported to be on Fentanyl and Meta Amphetamine at the “Floyd Event”.    The stint that put him in a Texas jail for 5 years was that he home invaded a pregnant black woman, looking to steal drugs, money, any thing they could get.   Once inside he let 4 buddies in also.    He put a gun to the pregnant womans belly and said if she held anything back for any valuables, he would kill the baby inside of her.

He worked at the same bar as Derek Chauvin as bouncers.     Chauvin as an experienced cop was making around $90,000 a year plus good benefits.   Why then did he work at a Bar making $15 /H for 17 years?    That answer should become obvious once you think about it.    His wife was a beauty queen, who was a former child bride to a man in Eau Claire, WI (Larry you better come clean on this!)

The bar owner tried to sell the idea that Chauvin was “a racist” who treated blacks poorly and had a hot head….ya, but she continuously employed him for 17 years… other words, she was in on “it” too and was trying to sell the racist cop story, per all their handlers.  

Here is a possible scenario, and quite a bit of backup

Floyd family hires same Doctor who presided over Epstein’s “event”, and then Floyd’s Gold plated closed coffin goes on “tour”.   It would be interesting to see who paid for the gold plated coffin, and if the family was paid something to allow this ©parade to go on.

The police precinct was 1 block from the bar, El Nuevo Rodeo.    The mayor of Minneapolis, tells the police to abandon the precinct.    And they burn it to  the ground.    And they also burn El Nuevo Rodeo to the ground.    There was not widespread burning in Minneapolis, but the burned “the evidence” to the ground.   All the players social media had been purged prior to “the event”.
So The Obama Foundation Was Promoting George Floyd's Picture on May 16, 2020, 9 Days Before He Was "Killed"
It’s all just a coincidence, as Flynn is exonerated, HRC forced to testify under oath, Rosenstein testifies, and 30 other Obama era peeps are called to testify.
So the question is, what’s next

CRIMINALS BACK IN CONTROL, history can be re-written, evidence destroyed.

The tyrants that be seems to have some game, especially with total control of the media, and a dumbed down complacent audience.

Last week I predicted that COVID will be back and worse than ever (at least the news stories).    But they will have trouble juicing that much.  

There will be scare stories of "the COVID effects of the protests will not be known" yet, ever, LOL.

It seems one of their strategies is to totally dominate the news cycle.   I mean besides the weather, have you heard any other news at all?   

To do accomplish this, COVID will not be enough.     So how about a "real" false flag?    Say a Antifa picks a fight with a National Guard and get put down hard, then two Antifa's attack with firearms, from dispersed locations.    Setting off the pack mentality of the Guard, who responds by wiping out 15 people.....and best yet if they are mostly black, but a token White and Asian and Hispanic in there (you know the same demographics of the Floyd "murderers"), so hate can be well dispersed.   

Then, the news cycle kicks in....disarm the National Guard!!!    End their deployment!!   

We need a revolution!!    There is no going back to the old normal, we need a new normal.  
 More pervasive "assistance" by social welfare groups, 
  • psychological "assistance" to those who have trouble grok-ing the new normal including mandatory drug injections.    
  • Parents aren't bad, they just need “help” in knowing how to raise their kids, 
  • so monthly visitations in the home and 
  • talking to the kids separately to make sure there is no abuse.    
  • "Assessment" of kids who have been being home schooled.
 This is where we are at folks.    It's time to win.   

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