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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

So The Aggravated Assault (On Pregnant Woman) Drug Dealing, USA Tour in A Gold Plated Coffin Is Over, Now COVID Comes Back, Combined With Another False Flag

The tyrants that be seems to have some game, especially with total control of the media, and a dumbed down complacent audience.

Last week I predicted that COVID will be back and worse than ever (at least the news stories).    But they will have trouble juicing that much.  

There will be scare stories of "the COVID effects of the protests will not be known" yet, ever, LOL.

It seems one of their strategies is to totally dominate the news cycle.   I mean besides the weather, have you heard any other news at all?   

To do accomplish this, COVID will not be enough.     So how about a "real" false flag?    Say a Antifa picks a fight with a National Guard and get put down hard, then two Antifa's attack with firearms, from dispersed locations.    Setting off the pack mentality of the Guard, who responds by wiping out 15 people.....and best yet if they are almost all black, but a token white and asian and hispanic in there, so hate can be well dispersed.   

Then, the news cycle kicks in....disarm the National Guard!!!    End their deployment!!   We need a revolution!!    There is no going back to the old normal, we need a new normal.     More pervasive "assistance" by social welfare groups, psychological "assistance" to those who have trouble grok-ing the new normal including mandatory drug injections.    Parents aren't bad, they just need need in knowing how to raise their kids, so monthly visitations in the home and talking to the kids separately to make sure there is no abuse.     "Assessment" of kids who have been being home schooled.

This is where we are at folks.    It's time to win.   

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