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Monday, June 8, 2020

So The Obama Foundation Was Promoting George Floyd Picture on May 16, 2020, 9 Days Before He Was "Killed"

hmmm, this was probably not even "a hit" it was probably just an act.

Renegade still walks among us.    It is unfathomable that this is so.

June 10th, they now removed the Floyd photo and replaced it with a logo.    Some have claimed that they didn't tweet that Floyd picture, they just tweeted the and it pulled that picture up.  No, it doesn't work like that.   Click on and the logo above does not come up, nor does the website look at all like just one photo.

As of June 8th, 2020 Obama Foundation has still not removed this early tweet. (June 10, now removed)

How to validate a  tweet metadata.

def visit_twitter_and_log_in
visit ''
click_on('Log in')
def enter_url_and_click_preview(url)
click_on('Preview card')
result = has_content?('Page fetched successfully')
visit ''📁

------------------------------------------------------------ Obama Foundation Reposts on June 5

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