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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Suggestions to Congresswoman -- The Floyd Event

The idea that systemic racism exists, is in fact racist as that almost always targets white, and it is downright insulting.     It creates division.

The Floyd Event was not a matter of poor police training, but a matter of poor police discipline, after 17 complaints against this cop.    Better training in the law, constitutional rights, understanding that you just don't shoot people's dogs, and the very basic understanding that you don't shoot someone running away unless there is a clear and immediately present threat to life or limb.    How far have our LEOs fallen?

Chauvin was running a drug operation (not working for 1/3 his LEO wage) and it makes no sense that someone no matter how evil, no matter how racist would kill someone while being filmed......they were all waiting for something, otherwise just throw him in a vehicle and go.   They were waiting for his death.    They burned all the evidence

By the way, I want to see a credible picture of the body taken by Trumps personal secret service personnel.  

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