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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The "National Pulse" is a Seriously Good Publication!

This is just one of the Authors


  1. Maybe, maybe not. Anyone besides me growing a daisy to assist in discernment? I have a few flowers to spare!

    EXC: China’s ‘Confucius’ Propaganda Institutes Operate In Hundreds Of US K-12 Schools, Textbook Demands ’Mobilizing CCP Advocates’

    EXC: BBC Journalists Now Employed By Chinese State Media

    EXC: NYT Journalism Prof Lauds ‘Collaborators’ on Chinese Communist Party TV, Accepts ‘There’s Going to be Censorship’

    EXC: Top Zoom Investor Funded Chinese Communist Party-Linked Artificial Intelligence Program

    SEEMS LIKE A DISINFO SITE aimed at inciting anger against China and the Chinese, to me.

    1. I will continue to monitor, yes they are decidely anti-Chinese and I really don't see a problem with that. I understand the Chinese pretty well, used to speak a bit of Chinese conversationally, and travelled China with a Chinese girlfriend. Of course lived with many Chinese in Hawaii. So I feel fairly well qualified to judge the Chinese. They play life like the underhanded tricks in waterpolo below the water, if you didn't get caught it wasn't even an infraction.

      China is indeed a major threat, and they would love the "woke" socialism of USA which is the big push via Virus and "Racism" and what is next>?


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