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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wins of The Day, Excellent Collection and Description

  1. The far Left keeps revealing itself and America is recoiling; here, Antifa takes over parts of Seattle, Dem Mayor and City Council abandon police station, letting Antifa behave as if they have acquired their own new nation by force and threat of force
  3. Seattle Antifa militarized zone has warlords already
  5. Trump campaign announces plans for MAGA rallies in four states
  7. Dem Michigan Governor forced to walk back her support for defunding police
  9. Biden says “absolutely” there is systemic racism in law enforcement
  11. McEnany: “if you can safely protest, you can safely vote”
  12. Trump Admin opposes national digital registration of personal vaccine history on grounds of personal liberty
  14. NASDAQ hits all time high
  16. Fed says it will keep rates at zero through 2021
  18. George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, bucks the family and says he will endorse and vote for Trump
  20. Brief filed by Judge Sullivan’s hand-chosen surrogate tries to make impossible claim that prosecutors trying to stop their own prosecution are abusing their power … and Trump’s tweets should be factored in as well

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