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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Australia Goes Bat Shit Crazy Lockdown, 500 Police Enforcing, Orwell Would Be Shocked!

He says until we get a vaccine....there WILL BE  wave after wave after wave.    And  if you dont;
support the rules....this lockdown will continue on everywhere.....


1400 units 3000 Adults and Children No one allowed out. "They will be fed" they dont underestimate how challenging that will be. But the lockdown is immediate, without any prior notice. References the summers Bushfires!

---------------------------- A reader chimed in:

Aussie here, Victoria is deep in bed with the Chinese and are the epicenter of the "new" outbreak. Not to mention that the latest Wuhan flare up was traced back to an Eid Mubarak (Muslim) festival of large groups of people.

They are coming under heavy attack for their mismanagement but it's all media fear propagation in the end.

The only shining light is that other state premiers are beating down heavily on Victoria to bolster their own election chances but I wouldn't put it past them to let a few cases incubate then send them to other states in the way of professional athletes (our AFL season just restarted with teams travelling) who will be relocated to other "city hubs" in safer states like QLD and WA. Victoria should be swallowed by the fucking ocean.

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