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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Bill Gates and "Wife" Interview June 30th 2020.

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Gates had me fooled for a long time, actually sat at the next table to him around 10 years ago, at a fancy restaurant in Honolulu.   He was devoid of spirit, completely.    Bono was with him.   And their entourage was just "there", there was no positive interaction.    Worse than a bad soap opera.
The more I see of these sick individuals, the more I believe in demonic possession. This is about the third time we have seen the diabolical glee in them, almost like they have been fantasizing about this moment all their lives. Then you start looking into the background of them, Fauci, Birx and the rest of them, and the millions who have been sickened and crippled by their contaminated vaccines full of mercury, aluminum, fetal tissue and mouse retroviruses and it is just disgusting. Thanks for exposing their evil.

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