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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Body Language Interpretation Of Maxwell Prosecution Team

stock here: the timing is curious.    With the removal of slimy Berman from SDNY last week.

They are making this as public as they can get it.

We haven't seen any mugshots.    But their description of the crimes seems to be right on.

That Maureen Comey? I’m not confident she will prove any better than her father who covered up for Clinton, saying Hillary was only “extremely careless” in her handling of classified info. Is Maureen talking to her father about this case, which also “allegedly” involves the Clintons? Will Wray finally prove himself to be one of the “good guys” at the end of this? I don’t know the answers but, I’m sure of this much: Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself!
Mandy breaks it down here at her site.  I prefer to use her site, but I can't embed it. 

I saw this live earlier; I love that little lady ! I got the impression that her disgust? comes from a personal gender perspective(Good). Her second time at the podium,she toned it down a little as not to come across as mean spirited.(Good).The bald headed guy is a boy scout ! He normally wouldn’t let himself be personally connected to a case. By using the word slithered set bells off for me(Good) ! In doing that ,he is solidifying what the little lady is subliminally telling us(Good). Beautifully well coordinated effort to redeem the F.B.I.’s pathetic recent reputation. However, I would have taken COMEY off of the case ! The connection that name has with the F.B.I.,will tarnish it for years and undermine the effort ,they were displaying.

Ghislaine Maxwell is a sociopath and was in a sadomasochistic relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Everything she did was to please Jeffrey. She knows all the names that were involved with Jeffrey’s deception, abuse, rape and their “John’s” were all powerful, famous and have some very deep pockets. They all could face some charges themselves.
NO ONE WAS LOOKING OUT FOR THESE GIRLS and now they have been traumatized AGAIN by both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. So, Ghislaine could be facing charges of child trafficking and conspiracy as did Jeffrey. She can’t face charges in Florida, Jeffrey made sure of that, but it did NOT cover New York, the Bahama’s, France or New Mexico.
From watching the numerous interviews about Jeffrey and Ghislaine with that dirtbag Alan Dershowitz, his body language showed that he was lying and being very deceptive. He was involved, very involved in Jeffrey’s pursuits with minor girls.
And Prince Andrew first said he would cooperate with the FBI and then did a 180 and went into hiding. I’m sorry that doesn’t sound like an innocent man. They targeted emotionally damaged and vulnerable girls and that sickens me the most. NO ONE WAS LOOKING OUT FOR THEM OR THEIR SAFETY.

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