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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

DirectorAnon on 4chan - "Audit Hollywood to destroy the Cabal!". Incredible threads describing the inner workings of Hollywood, homosexuality, pedophilia, blackmail, cloning, control ..

stock here. 

Borrowing this from the boards

I came across these threads this morning thanks to Stroppy Me YT channel. Mind blowing 4chan threads by DirectorAnon about the inside story of the power players in Hollywood, pedophilia, homosexuality, how people become a star, caste system, cloning, sick sick sick. Once you start reading these threads, you won't stop. It all sounds accurate. Comment with your thoughts.
Cleaned up 4chan threads, DirectorAnon comments to the left, Anon questions to DirectorAnon on the right, in .PNG format.
Original 4chan archived threads -
Stroppy Me source YT video (4m:09s) -

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