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Monday, July 6, 2020

Fire Fauci

Fauci and his wife.   "She" is a full on leftist , Jesuit, imagine that.

Some people think the "virus" itself is a fraud, that it is simply the common cold.   I think not and
here is why.

I believe that there is this new corona virus.    The genetic sequence places "the virus" right next to SARS-1.   They realized that releasing that information was a mistake, and so they then conjured up COVID-19 to make it seem like "something we have never seen before".

If they wanted pure fear factor out of the gate, they would have presented a genetic profile that truly was "like nothing we have ever seen before"

So many reasons to not just fire this guy, indict him.

Texas Lt. Governor Goes Off on Fauci: ‘He Has Been Wrong Every Time on Every Issue’

 FLASHBACK: Dr. Fauci Downplayed Hydroxychloroquine 2 Weeks Ago — Now Considered “Most Effective Therapy” for COVID-19 by Global Survey of Doctors


  1. Plowboy here
    Hey stock, there are some videos by Amazing Polly which covers in detail the connections of Fauci, Gates, and Fauci's wife and a few more notables including the WHO.

    1. If you have some favorite ones, sned links and I will post to article.

      I have switched to as much as reasonably so, viewing on Bitchute to defund the beast YouTube


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