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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Floyd's Lawyers Name Is Crump, Pushing For First Degree Murder Will Result In Dismissal

Floyd lawyer wants the riots to continue. Purple tie noted.  

This guy is weak, manipulatable.   Pressing for 1st Degree Murder is stupid, and will likely result in a not guilty verdict, released in amazing speed by Black Muslim Antifa Fan Keith Ellison, say beginning of October, to prove that "Trump is racist".

Reporter: Do you have evidence that this was pre-meditated?

Knee on neck for over 8 minutes.    Chauvin says no keep him in this position, it shows intent.

Reporter: Did they know each other?

They had to overlap and the club they worked at, and therefore we think this should be first degree murder.

Reporter: But do you think it was pre-meditated?

Dodges the question, it's first degree murder.

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