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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Hawaii Earthquake Activity Very Unusual, Important, Moana Loa Eruption?

stock here.

About a month ago I called for a Moana Loa Eruption.    We may be the working now.

A 4.7 Mag hit on the Slump yesterday, and a 4.3 hit same location today.

Prior week has seen large EQ on the Share Magma chamber, but at 41KM down....not the Magma Chamber itself, but the feeder from below.    Also, inland, headed towards Moana Loa, was another big EQ outside the chamber, so in the feeder tube to the elevated magma chamber within Moana Loa.

I don't even have to look to tell you that Moana Loa is "inflating".

stock out for now, Happy Fourth!   Independence day, as a paid insurgency rages.   Stay frosty, expect false flags.

I personally am avoiding all big city, all crowds.

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