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Sunday, July 5, 2020

(8) Lawyers Who Will Defend You For Free If Charged With No Mask, Opening Business, Singing in Church

OK, this started off on Twitter with one lawyer from DC offering to defend for free.

The goal here is to get lawyers in all 50+1 states who will defend for free related to abuse of power. 

I think he should extend his offering too....sue them personally, the Governors, and sorry, even the stooges enforcing blatantly unconstitutional "orders" that are outside of Governors original and ONLY right to make emergency orders.

We played nice, ONCE.    ONCE!

@yoder_esqq‬ - DC/VA ‪
@rkelleyy‬ - PA
 ‪@Manny_Alicandro‬ - NY

@biller_andy‬ - OH ‪
@warriorgoddes14‬ - WA ‪
@tokyodave‬ - CA  
These guys may be friendlies in Texas

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