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Monday, July 6, 2020

Leftist Violence Silencing All Other Voices

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Recently I have found myself wondering how the so called "silent majority" became so silent. Why are people so afraid to speak up for the things that Americans once viewed as traditional values? Here's my conclusion: 
The mob inserts race, sexuality, gender, political party, and religion into every issue. Facts no longer matter. The mob gets to pick the "right" side. Therefore, people that dissent from the mob or group think now become labeled by the mob. 
Once labeled by the mob - you may be let go from your job, harassed, boycotted, disowned by family members, thrown out of universities, etc. The real kicker though? The mob gets to define the rules.
The #metoo movement only applies to people who are not Joe Biden and the mob (in fact) does not "believe all women". Wearing masks are vital to the survival of humanity unless you are looting, rioting, or protesting. 
The BLM organization cares about black lives lost by police officers but apparently not young children in Chicago. Xenophobia is banning travel from China in a pandemic too early but later being called irresponsible when the mob decides it wasn't early enough. 
Speak up against the mob and you practice fascism but suppression of our opposing views protects us all from hate speech. Standing for the national anthem was once an honor to citizens in this country, but do so now and the mob believes you support systemic racism. 
Defending the police is now racist unless city officials, who are defunding them, need their protection. The mob can threaten the lives of anyone they want to but you say something they don't like, and you should be fired. 
Do you see how this works? The mob gets to have it BOTH ways, but you are not longer allowed to use critical thinking skills to decide your position. When the mob says jump - your ONLY question can ever be how high - unless you want to be labeled of course. 
Dissent from the mob and they WILL turn on you - maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow - but eventually they will come for you too. 
To remain powerful the mob has to control the narrative. To remain powerful the mob has to scare us into keeping quiet. To remain powerful the mob has to APPEAR as the majority. 
The only weapon against the mob is freedom of speech and the truth - and the only way we can protect each other is to share the risk of speaking out.

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