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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Little Saint James Island -- 1997 Rented To Public By Conde Naste

stock here.   Funny how GM photobombing Elon Musk results in a Deep Dive

Spoiler alert.    Ghislaine Maxwell is connected to Conde Nast and Reddit, and on Reddit was a huge player, up until lately, when, ahem, she has been distracted by that little thing called solitary confinement.   Her "work" on Reddit involved things like the minimization of pedophilia.

Lets be clear though, I often feel my job is to say the things that no one else is saying.    Having sex with 14 year old girls is not pedophilia, but almost everywhere it's statutory rape.   But for Epstein island, that may be their "limited hangout" of "we were JUST having sex with 14 year old girls", when in all likelihood they were doing much worse things, ALSO.

See my little epiphany about that fake tennis court, that was really something far different.

They advertised tennis and golf, upon request.   Seriously?   Golf?   What happened to that on the island?

Please read my tennis court story here, complemented by Rusty the Drone pilot.

Video room with "Sleigh Bed", I see

Children are most certainly welcome.

Get some covfefe because this is a moab. 

@elonmusk says Ghislaine photobombed him at a vanity fair party.

Vanity fair is owned by Conde Nast

Conde Nast is owned by Advance Publications/ Billionaire (((Donald Newhouse)))

Advance Publications is the majority shareholder for Reddit 


Reddit is run by pedos!

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