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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Think Ahead To How You Would Respond Say If Stopped On The Road, Assaulted While Say Getting Gas

Question on a board-----

Anyone know how "civil rights" work? I mean is there a local book depending on my city, county, state, etc... and in what order?

We need to know how much we can get away with. Antifa seems to know all the rules and we don't. They play stupid "I'm just standing here on public property" when they aren't and it seems the police do nothing.

Say someone stops me while I'm walking at home depot for my Trump hat and starts talking shit. How can I get away with punching them in the face, pepper spraying them, shooting them, etc... and not be charged at all? Like WTF man they have to be stopped.
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Talking shit is hard to call an assault, you could try a police complaint if you felt intimidated "assaulted"
 If they touch you even a bit, its battery. Lets say someone grabs by shoulder to spin me that point it's an attack, and I would respond with appropriate force. If it's someone larger than me or just obviously of ill intent, I would respond with any force I can muster, I am licensed to carry switchblade, taser, and guns, and I would probably not have a taser so the choice would have to be made. Anytime you shoot someone, if can turn into trouble especially in a state chock full of shit head liberal judges.

You need to study your local laws, but if concealed carry is available, they will have pretty good guidance. Also NRA can help with education, but your local laws are key to understanding. Once someone is attacking you, or creating a hostage situation (standing in front of your vehicle, preventing you from free exercise of your rights to move, you need to think ahead of what you would do, and know the's a burden, but this is not the time to be complacent.

Antifa does not know all the rules, they break them big time. But it's the Dem governors and mayors telling the police to stand down....big problem. Vote well and trust in kinetics.

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