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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thoughts For The Day, Move From the Center, A Poem?

Back to basics.   I note that many live in fear now days, yet those most in fear are also the one taking the least effective actions.   That is a real shame.

Fear is the mind killer

Be mindful, I have committed to meditating twice a day, and stretching.   A flexible body and mind is more functional.


I almost want to call this a poem, or simple wisdom, by acd, I added two.  stock out.

        of MOM</b>

Sit up                         Think vast
Stand straight            Act duly
Fill cup                      Run fast
Be great                     Say truly
Open heart                 Eat well
Walk tall                    Drink slowly
Take part                   Fears quell
Smile at all                Lift the lowly
Speak soft                 Keep scores
Words few                Avoid banks
Pray oft                     Receive yours
Fast too                    Offer thanks
Ask knowing           Tomorrow
Give freely              Another day
Stay glowing           Let go sorrow
Aim ideally             Enjoy the Way
Forgive Quickly      Carry No Burden Needlessly

        Then cease
        Good night
        Dream peace
        Sleep tight

or maybe you prefer this ending

Travel light
                        Children teach
                        Offense trite
                        Forgive each
                        Then cease
                        Good night
                        Dream peace
                        Sleep tight

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