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Sunday, July 5, 2020

MKUltra Abuse: Virus/Floyd and the Horrific News Cycle Are MKUltra Abuse, Intended To Create A "Window Of Opportunity"

LOL Amazing minds think alike.

I do follow Amazing Polly, maybe once a week, so I don't get all her material.

About a week ago, I had a daylight epiphany that what was being rolled out against the USA and broader world were being subject to MKUltra type abuse in order to create the infamous "Window of Opportunity" in which the MKUltra goal of creating a childlike state of complete acceptance.

And then they install the "program", whatever their goal is.

And so this virus narrative, and the Floyd event, a chronic stress state.    Its were we are now, at least going down that road.

If you are not familiar with MKUltra, you need to be.   Do your research.

I first put out that theory as a simple assertion on 7-5-20.   And I got 2 immediate responses pointing to Amazing Polly, I just started watching so not sure if she is going to play the MKUltra card.

But she is looking at current events as an "Intentional Torture" with the goal of getting the victim to accept something......say like a communistic jack boot?

DDD Dependency, Debility, and Dread.

AP on bitchute

Mask wearing is debilitating.

See how what is happening matches this chart to a T.    Amazing Polly will break it down for you. 

OK you made it this far and are not in a state of apathy from now knowing that your leaders are trying to break you, trying to brainwash you, trying to damage you just enough.

I have seen this guy before, he is hilarious, and points out many of the vast number of inconsistencies that have been foisted on us.   Sorry lost the video, will post if I can find again.

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