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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wins of the Day!

Taking no credit, from an awesome OP on VOAT.
  1. SCOTUS upholds religious rights, employers do not have to provide birth control coverage if it offends their religious beliefs
  2. UK court rules that Christopher Steele must pay damages to two Russians he recklessly included in his infamous Dossier that the court said contained several allegations that were inaccurate or misleading as a matter of fact”
  3. Vindman quitting the military
  4. Censor culture expands as Marquette University threatens to rescind admissions to incoming student who posted a pro-Trump video on tik tok
  5. Sen. Duckworth (D-Illinois) says she will still block Senate confirmation of 1,123 military promotions despite Vindman’s retirement
  6. Rashida Tlaib echoes Ilhan Omar’s cry to dismantle everything about the US
  7. Human trafficking getting exposed and punished all over the world
  8. Also in Italy, where massive investigation included revelation that instant messaging apps were used to try to hide communications but have been discovered by investigators
  9. Trump’s Twitter following surges to 82 million … not a direct correlation, but still interesting that he had 63 million votes in 2016

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