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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

0:10 / 23:04 Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and who is behind her election? AOC

You might be surprised to know that the girl from the Bronx is not just a grassroots candidate. This journalist breaks down how, who, why, and what's behind the AOC phenomenon. This is information that is critical to praying specifically and intelligently about our government. The Justice Democrats (SD) are also a front group. Find out who's REALLY funding them (my bet would be Soros). The SD is pushing for a "fundamental transformation" of this nation, but they won't use that phrase. It didn't play well when Obama used it. They appeal to low information voters by showing them the people and policies that put them in their current situation. How many kids are told by their teachers that the government can make things "fair"? Kids are not learning about personal responsibility, and when they can vote, they vote for the person who will make things "fair". These kids believe the government will look out for them. wish they would read and UNDERSTAND books like 1984, and Animal Farm. They have no idea how bad too much government can be.

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