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Saturday, August 15, 2020

2 Takes On Kamala Harris, She Cannot Be President == Pelosi Will Be President


2 Takes on Kamala Harris 

They know damn well that so many people are going to vote for Trump that when they add their stolen ballots to the mix, they are going to have more votes than possible voters by an enormous margin.

I'll say this: Kamala Harris is one of those people who is so comfortable in her evil that she could smile from the center of her soul while burning a busload of children, and sell that smile on a fashion magazine cover where she looked like an angel.

At least with Pelosi you can see through the smile to the rot underneath, that's not possible with Kamala, she's downright dangerous. If the people who get put in charge of the election manage to cheat her in, will Americans be stupid enough to accept that smile? I'd say a large number would, as she commits an epic genocide and sells it to the leftist and idiots as some sort of angelic work. She's a real threat, do not write her off.

She'd be worse than Pelosi. Pelosi knows she's evil. Kamala on the other hand probably has no compass at all. Granted, Kamala cannot be president but in this subverted system that probably won't make a difference.

MARK MY WORD: If Kamala is cheated in, you, your family, and every last person you know who is not brainwashed enough to burn downtown to the ground in the name of "fairness" is going to be murdered in cold blood. Kamala absolutely will set up Ukraine style famines, if she somehow gets control of America, it is game over.

Even if I don't post a whole lot today, it does not mean I am not working to try to save the future. I am, this is not a day off, I am worried. Kamala's smile is the biggest threat America has ever faced, all the normal triggers for signalling "demon" on her are disabled, people are not going to be prepared for this.

Here is how the election is going to go. No insider tips, think about it -
The media will go on a frenzy about how the public loves Kamala Harris. Then, tens of millions of fake votes via fake Chinese printed drivers licenses will be used to steal the electon. This time they are playing it safe and stating ahead of time the results will probably not be in on election night. This is to buy them time in case, despite all the rigging, Trump still takes it. They need time to destroy ballots or, HERE IS THE BIG ONE:

They know damn well that so many people are going to vote for Trump that when they add their stolen ballots to the mix, they are going to have more votes than possible voters by an enormous margin. They will then need days to sit down and destroy enough votes for Trump so that their fake votes to beat him don't introduce so many votes it is not possible. They'll probably destroy upwards of 50 million votes. - they will have to sort out a huge mess - so they already stated they won't have the results on election night.

Kamala and Biden get in. They slip biden a heart stopper early on, and Kamala is not a natural born citizen. That means that with Biden gone, Pelosi will become president after she steals her own election. WE HAVE TO KEEP ALL EYES ON NANCY'S ELECTION RIGGING OR SHE'S GOING TO SNEAK INTO BEING PRESIDENT VIA MURDER AND DISQUALIFICATION OF KAMALA. The only way to stop this is to make damn good and sure Pelosi does not get in by heavily scrutinizing her vote fraud, I don't believe for a minute she has actually won an election for at least 16 years. Stopping her from yet another theft will be our only hope.

Always good for feed for thought, Miles Mathis has this to say in a hoary context still fresh and new today:

In the next section, we come to Jeffersonian Democracy, whereby Jefferson extended suffrage to all white men. Did he do that because he believed in equality or because “he wanted ordinary people to have the chance to become government officials”? No, because they didn't and still don't. He did itsimply to get re-elected, and to bring about the death of the Federalist party, which he did. The analogy is the modern Democratic party expanding their base by making it easier for minorities to vote. Did they do that because they love minorities and fairness? No. Did they do it because they wanted ordinary people to become government officials? No. The minorities in government now aren't ordinary people, they are blacks or Hispanics or whatever, who happen to have married into the Families. They are ruling class people who just happen to have some color, but they are always rich and connected. The reason the Democrats appealed to minorities is that it helped them win elections.They saw these minorities doubling every few decades, especially Hispanics, so they could see dollar signs there.
However, that worked a bit too well, and they are scrambling to unwind it. Sometime near the end of the 20th century, the Republican party became so weak it couldn't legally win a national election.  National elections since then have been rigged to counteract that (no, not by Russia), because the rulers actually require two near-equal parties in order to give the appearance of choice. They need you to think you are involved in the equation, because it keeps you busy and quiet, like a child doing busywork in school. The two parties also make you feel powerful, since you think you can “throw the bums out” and try something different with the opposite party. All a charade, but that is how it works.
Also, now that elections can be stolen from the ground up by computers, real voters aren't necessary at all. Therefore, extending and maintaining wide suffrage is no longer necessary. The rulers can just manufacture any voting base they require, by making up numbers. So, in that sense, the time of having to appeal to voters as voters is over. Strictly speaking, there are no voters, just clueless citizens who have to be fooled somehow in continuing to go along with the script. The illusion of voting still helps achieve that, so it still kept.

 But even as we speak, the Republican party is being propped up by magic tricks. The governors are doing everything in their power to weaken the Democratic party, so that when it loses again in November, people will buy the outcome. People didn't really buy the outcome in 2016, which is why Russia had to be blamed. Yes, the 2016 outcome was pushed by huge amounts,but not by Russia or Trump. It was pushed by those who own the US and the world. It was the outcome they desired, for their own purposes, and you had nothing to do with it. Russia had nothing to do with it. China had nothing to do with it. Trump had nothing to do with it, either, since he is just a talking prop: an actor. He is just playing a role, as he has for decades.


  1. Mining Awareness has been keeping tabs on her family's deep ties to the Indian nuke program.

  2. MA, that's good to know, hadn't seen it before.


  3. And we know that slime gravitates towards nuclear....uranium1 anyone?


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