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Monday, August 24, 2020

5G Risks Completely Ignored, While the CV19 Nonsense Is Pushed 24/7

Per Lot's Wife

So many experts up in arms over 5G. So few Americans get it.

Who to blame? The press, politicians, and ourselves.

Not one LTE in the newspaper on this topic, not one editorial.

5G and EMF levels are a far bigger story than CV-19. But where is ALL the attention?

Can you say school play? Can you say low-grade bio-weapon designed to kill frail, old people and put the bejesus scare in the rest of us, who will be left running to the nearest authority for money, protection, and assurance. 

Your entire lives are being reset without a vote, without understanding the magnitude of the impending changes. Most cattle never see the bolt gun.

A local resource ups the ante; let’s make it personal. Read and weep.

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