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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Analysis of The Kenosha "Shooter", Clearly It's Self Defense, But Another State, Illinois, Charges Him With Murder, Seriously?

Above is extensive coverage of the Kenosha "shooter".    If you are sensitive, you may wish to avoid watching, the worst part is at the end with the guy who had a huge chuck of his elbow blown off....that guy also had a pistol.    

The guy who got shot in the head, and apparently died, was prior to the "chase" antagonizing the shooter and his "group" which appeared to be at best, loosely organized....prior to the chase the Dead Guy was antagonizing and shouting "hey you N shoot me".    It's in the video.   Also noted people calling for "medics", obviously they are not expecting trained medical professionals to be available...they are calling for the medical branch of the paid insurrection that they are being funded for.

Of course, along with the paid mercenaries, there are also many many "useful idiots" milling around in a riot scene.   Are they that desperate for socializing, interaction that they are willing to put their lives at risk?    Are they so warped in their version of reality from playing violent video games that they think there are not consequences and that they are bad asses?

It is unclear if the shooter with AR type rifle was from Kenosha, or Antioch Illinois (right across the border), but apparently he "fled" to Antioch.   But prior to that he approached police with his hands up, and was not detained.    Clearly it was self defense.    That said, walking around a riot with a rifle late at night, seems a bit of an odd choice to make.   Open carry of pistols and rifles are legal.

This message should set up warning buzzers in your head.....the shooter was charged with murder in Illinois, for the incident in Kenosha.   After the Kenosha cops who were familiar with the situation did not detain him.    The moral of the story is that the bad actor states like Illinois want to push the narrative that if you try to defend yourself, you will be the one that gets into trouble.     Like the St. Louis couple.

Illinois has no jurisdiction in Wisconsin, it is beyond the pall that they have made this murder charge.

And the largest question of all....who goes to a riot wearing short pants, or halter tops?   LOL


"They" have created a situation in which Millennials were looped into huge student loan debt that cannot be dispensed via bankruptcy...we saw that many many years ago as a big problem, and a "narrative" a plan of sorts, and they received a crappy slanted education launched from common core, and now they have no real future.     That is fire tinder just waiting for a spark.   Why wouldn't lots of "free stuff" look attractive.

The only socialism we need are very limited.    Even as kids we understood that the Milwaukee County park system was very socialist in nature, no pun intended.   Everyone got to enjoy it, whether they contribute anything to society or not.    But that is about as far as socialism should go, as it is a slippery slope into communism and then Marxism.

These terms are tossed around so much, most have no idea what they even mean.    Per Carl Marx "Everything within the government, nothing outside the government, and viciously attack anything that tries to get outside the government."

Our governments and academia have had thousands of "bad actors" who hate the USA and follow anything their paymasters wish.    And this includes the Intelligence community (which has always been outside the law), the prosecutors, and the judges.    It has happened over decades and is going to be a real problem to solve, as they are "self protecting".   Look at the list of people downright fired or depowered from the FBI, all bad actors.

So bottom line, things need to be cleaned up, bad actors need to be removed, and we need to get back to following the laws, the anti-trust regulations, especially as regards ownership of media and social media.    

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