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Friday, August 7, 2020

Another Bullshit Hit Piece Against HCQ HydroxyChloroquine "Nature"

stock here: The state of "science" is just shameful.

Propaganda by False Titles.

 Look at this title.   A normie reading this would not go a step further, and would be convinced "See Trump was wrong, he should be impeached for improperly practicing medicine".

They falsely, and I think intentionally, just say human lung tissue, when in fact they are talking about a very specific type of cancerous lung tissue.


Quote "Moreover, we report that chloroquine does not block SARS-CoV-2 infection of the TMPRSS2-positive lung cell line Calu-3"
Calu-3 is a human lung cancer cell line

So what this in vitro study proves is that (hydroxy)chloroquine doesn't protect cancer cells against virusses. And it does protect healthy cells, like proved in vitro for healthy kidney cells

First, hydroxychloroquine should be the drug examined as several studies point out its potency, and
dew if any clinicians reply chloroquine itself

Second, the initial entry of virus is in nasophyngeal tissue not in lungs, and the best results reported ising hydroxychloroquine in multiple Covid19 studies - both large scale observational and some double blind studies- are when used early on in the disease.

Lastly, one of the principal actions of HCQ is as a zinc ionophore. Zinc has been shown potently active against virus replication. Without added zinc, any laboratory study is not adequately assessing clinical utility in which adjunctive zinc is used ( populations studies often show consistent zinc deficiencies in most Western populations)

Here below are some pertinent positive references for further reading on the question of HCQ plus zinc plus either doxycycline ( my preferred choice because it isn’t associated with further small cardiac risk) or azithromycin

Note : Most of the successful reports of the use of HCQ plus zinc etc are in early stage, outpatients and not in late stage, hospitalised patients

The first link is a large data base (more than 50 studies ) on HCQ in Covid19 treatment

The second reference is an important review from a Yale University professor ...

The third and fourth are on a recent, large, well conducted observational study from Henry Ford Hospital ...

The fifth is an important outpatient study ...


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