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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

AOC at DNC Praising SCM and BS

See what I did there?

Hilariously, this is showing on "The Independent" one of the most controlled media's on the planet.
Their formatting and use of the "share" run into the bottom of the screen, and the embedment appears failed, although it is here.

The sound doesn't work, and there is no where to deal with the sound. So I will try a Link here

So I went to find in on YouTube, and that worked, although it is attributed the Independent, anyhow, here it is.   And what followed was the BS socialist himself.   And the meme that DJT is leading us into Authoritarianism.....right so defund the police and don't use any power to stop the paid anarchy.

We see you, and WE WILL remember you.

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