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Monday, August 24, 2020

Average Joe: Over Simplistic Outlook At Reality< Kenosha WI Burns, Looting

Saw this at "blacklistednews"
I guess this is what the average citizen thinks, based upon not enough research, not enough deep dive.

In response to an article about Kenosha Wisconsin (most important swing state) on fire, looting, BLM, total involvement.


Forget Floyd ... Who Can Breathe in America "a Land of Slavery to Mammon" where the Entire Population is Enslaved to Debt and Wall Street Greed. In Every Revolution "Looting" is standard procedure; because the people ( especially, in America today) have been LOOTED by wall street owned government for Generations. Loot Provides "Untraceable Income" to Fund Political Movements, or Perhaps, to provide FOOD; because most of these people are Most likely " Day Workers" who work for Cash and are out of Work due to the Lock-downs. They are not included in the special " chosen" unemployment bailouts that the chosen slaves receive at everyone`s expense. I never collected unemployment in my life, SO, I can understand why these people are Looting. Now, they need to learn to Go to Wall Street and Protest; because that is their only chance to change everything: UBI/Medicare for EVERYONE, Not Just the Chosen! This would be a Good Start and would Save Every Black/White Family in Despair. Corporate America Parasitically Fed off the Blood of America for Generations. They must pay it all back, or they should cease to Exist.


The problem is much different and more deep than just "greedy corporations" or "wall street". You are looking at a much too simple, much to obvious, ploy.

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