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Monday, August 24, 2020

Bad Actor Weaponized IRS Now Intentionally Screwing Up The Business Application Process -- Working to Kill America

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The IRS is very intentionally making it hard, confusing, and apparently costly to start a business.

I have some new business and investment strategies going forward.   They involve creating some new entities and  "DBA's".     

First one went smooth, second one failed miserably.   

You can't open a bank account without an FEIN, and making my State business official requires an FEIN.   

So last week I did the online FEIN application and it was failed under code 101, no indication at all of what that means. 

So I call an a lady, who didn't really seem to know what she what doing, said that I had to get a form and fax it to the IRS (like anyone has a fax anymore).    She didn't tell me the form number, just said look it up at the web site.

And then she followed with, it might take 12 to 45 days to an approval or a rejection.   WOW!

She also advised me to send the Articles of Incorporation.   I indicated that most LLCs don't even have Articles of Incorporation, and usually those would be a paid lawyer fee if you needed them.

She said "I am just following instructions".    Most people would be confused by her statement about the Articles, and it might dissuade them from further pursuing things especially as the cost and complexity go up.

She stated that the IRS would respond by fax or mail.    Effing great, they sent my stimulus check to the wrong address and have still not fixed that issue!!!!

So I tried online again today, and it said the application was accepted.    Prior to this, it would take you to a page with a FEIN download link, and they would also send you an email link. 

And those were pretty much instant, and there was no fee.

A FEIN has never in the past cost any fee. 

But this time, take a look, they want $247 for "Standard Processing"

The IRS is very intentionally making it hard, confusing, and apparently costly to start a business.

Of course, there is no one to call about this, because it isn't on their list of 4 options, the system just hangs up on you at  that point.

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